FIFA Game Review

By Ben Hamill - October 12 2014

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So you're not a professional soccer player and you don't have the money to go to all of the FIFA games. No problem. Now, you can enjoy PC games from the comfort of your home where you can feel like you're a FIFA player without having to leave the house — and without having to actually know much about soccer (or football as it's called around the world). This is your chance to spread your wings and have a blast playing these awesome games with amazing graphics, great sound effects and fun ways to win. Find out more about the FIFA Game Review and get in the game today from your couch.

All about the FIFA Games

These PC games include a series of football video games and football simulators. They have been released annually by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports label. The series first began in the late part of 1993 and it was notable then for being the first to have a license that was official from FIFA, which is the world governing body of football. One of the great things about this, as part of the FIFA Game Review, is that the games have many likenesses to players and teams and those who are playing these PC games can really feel like they are playing with the real players. For instances, with the FIFA 13 game, Lionel Messi is the face of the game and appears on the front cover of the game released into the series. He replaced Wayne Rooney who was the face of the game for seven straight covers from the FIFA 06 game to the FIFA 12 game.

More Playing Fun

Certainly, if popularity is any indicator for the FIFA Game Review, the series has sold over 100 million copies around the world. It's the best selling sports video game franchise in the entire world. The FIFA 12 game holds the record for the fastest selling sports game ever, as it has 3.2 million games sold and over $186 million generated in just the first week of its release. That's an astounding amount. For those who like to be on the cutting edge, the FIFA 15 game was just released in the PC games world on September 23, 2014 in North America and it came on the scene on the 15th in Europe.

A Bit of History

Clearly, this shows that there are 15 games in the series. The first was released on July 15, 1993. It's no surprise to realize that the graphics and technology have gotten better with each new release. Obviously, a game developed in 1993 doesn't look the same as one in 2014. The newer versions include really exciting graphics and amazing sound effects. The player gets to actually feel like he is watching the professional players that he knows and loves. The faces on the players look completely realistic and the game play is exciting and suspenseful.

Joining in the Fun

Anyone who loves the feel and look of soccer will love to be part of this series. Today, since many of these games have been around for a long time, they are easy to find on EBay and other locations. They can be purchases as a whole set or just enjoyed individually. And players can look forward to the next installation, waiting to see how the soccer PC games world has developed and enhanced the game playing capabilities for their players.

To spice things up a bit, players can also find the FIFA World Cup series and other interesting varieties that go along with the main games. These will also add spice to the soccer player’s enjoyment. Whether you actually enjoy playing soccer and want to continue playing when you’re not on the field – or you’re just a couch potato, you’ll love the look and feel of these awesome games. FIFA comes to life here and remains full of energy and excitement for you today. Anyone can get in the game in this way.