OverActive Media Signs European LoL Team

By Ben Hamill - December 02 2018

OverActive Media Signs European LoL Team

Owners of Toronto’s newest Overwatch franchise, OverActive Media Group, revealed that they have now added a European League of Legends (LoL) team to their growing eSports portfolio.

The signing of the deal has come through an agreement in principal to purchase the Splyce brand – a US-based company that operates seven global eSports teams. These teams include the newly signed LoL franchise over in Europe, among many others that are well recognized within the industry. OverActive previously owned a 10% stake in Splyce.

According to CEO and president of OverActive Media Chris Overholt, the purchase agreement is nothing short of a ‘game-changer’ for his company’s two subsidiary organizations. League of Legends, he said in a statement, has become arguably the most popular video game in the world, with a massive international following of pro players and fans alike.

Leading Toronto’s eSports Scene

Overholt, who is also the former CEO of the Canadian Olympic Committee further added that the reason the deal is so important to his firm is that it is consistent with what it has adopted as its primary strategy. He revealed that OverActive is planning to eventually build a professional eSports organization that will resemble Madison Square Garden, or perhaps even Maple Leaf Sports.

The executive also stated that his firm is going to hold franchises that play in major competitive leagues therein, first and foremost in the city of Toronto but also elsewhere across the globe. This, he said, will give his firm a global scale and scope that will allow it to communicate differently with its investors and international marketing partners as well.

According to OverActive, the acquisition will put it in the running alongside giants like Optic Gaming, Misfits and Cloud9 as the only eSports companies in the world with permanent slots in both Overwatch and the League of Legends leagues. Before the purchase agreement was signed, the firm had just five full time staff members.

Splyce Acquires One LEC 2019 Team

Splyce, which has 24 full-time employees and over 40 coaches and players, revealed last week that it had bought one of the ten teams competing in Riot Games’ re-branded LoL European Championship League (the LEC) during the upcoming 2019 season. The team, which will probably be based in London, will be led by coach Peter Dun and will start to play on January 18.

The firm, which will remain at its current base in Rochester, New York as a subsidiary of OverActive, will also be given full responsibility for team ops under the combined ownership entity. Established in 2015, Splyce’s achievements include wins at the Halo World Championship and the Smite World Championship in 2018, the Marvel vs. Capcom World Championship in 2017, and the World of Warcraft Championship in 2016.

In the eyes of Splyce CEO Marty Strenczewilk, eSports is becoming the next level of a ‘globally sustainable digital sports business’, and will require professional knowledge from every corner of the entertainment industry to reach its full potential.

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