OneComply Inc. Joins Forces With GameCo LLC

By Ben Hamill - May 25 2020

 OneComply Inc. Joins Forces With GameCo LLC

If law-abiding operators and gambling-related companies such as suppliers and tech-providers are most concerned about any single aspect of business, then that aspect would have to be a streamlined and effective licensing solution. And that’s exactly what Vancouver licensing firm OneComply Inc. hopes to achieve as it sets out on a new mission to, in partnership with Las Vegas gaming manufacturer GameCo LLC, provide to businesses and operators a brand new (fully web-based) online compliance and licensing solution.

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What the solution basically entails is a platform on which to store all licensing data and documentation for the purposes of online governance, regulatory inquiry and oversight, and the instant creation of authoritative and jurisdictional regulatory applications within the context of an enclosed and secure cloud-based software environment.

Solution To Fulfill, Not Replace

The latest compliance solution isn’t at all attempting to knock the need for background investigations and intense regulatory application processes, explains Cameron Conn, who is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Vancouver-based OneComply. Instead, the licensing solution recognises the need for a modernised process of licensing and compliance and will focus on making this an effective and compliant possibility so as to help businesses and operators to maintain full compliance with the laws prescribed by local jurisdictions and at the same time, efficiently grow and expand.

Conn describes the sheer amount of time on briefing lawyers and accountants on completing documents related to licensing and compliance as a drain on corporate resources. Gaming executives are not only spending hundreds of hours on working with legal and financial entities, but also spend unnecessary hours practically lost for good on ensuring that all information is at the end of the day consistent and perhaps more importantly, sufficiently and appropriately secured cross-application. These are hours that can in Conn and OneComply’s opinion be put to much better use when spent maintaining and growing businesses and entities.

Applying Innovation To Challenges

According to GameCo CEO Blaine Graboyes, GameCo in its entirety was built on a foundation of innovation, and its exactly this innovation that the company now looks forward to imparting as it supports a modern-day approach to compliance and licensing processes.

GameCo, said Graboyes, is constantly balancing market demand for products with the provider’s ability and capacity to meet regulatory requirements and scale. Graboyes believes that the joint-venture’s OneComply solution would save time and money spent on otherwise-complex processes now about to be complete simplified and redefined.

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