Nintendo Mobile Game Review

By Ben Hamill - October 12 2014

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You grew up loving Nintendo and playing it at home all the time. You would invite your friends to come over and you would have battles to see who the best Nintendo player was. And at night when you played by yourself, you would compare your scores to other players online and find yourself hyper competitive. But now you're a big person and you want to experience those Nintendo moments from your phone. How do you go about doing this? You want to play Super Mario Brothers, Contra or Bomberman…and you're just not sure how to get to these awesome experiences and mobile games. No problem. Most of the blogs and tutorials for the Nintendo Mobile Game Review will explain that you need an emulator installed on the device. And they will moan and groan about Nintendo’s seeming indifference to getting into the market for mobile devices. While no one appears to understand exactly why they don’t yet want to get into the mobile market, it does appear that they don’t. So, until they do get into the Android and other market, what is the Nintendo lover to do? Here are some suggestions and updates on the Nintendo market.

Other Ideas

Nintendo does not, at the moment, seem to be poised to take over the mobile games market. They are approaching the market very conservatively. They do appear to be developing apps so that they can stay relevant with those who use the mobile-only experience. By staying outside this market, they are definitely losing out on those who are into mobile games only and aren't interested in buying a Nintendo set or sitting by their computer or television to play. When asked by many different sources what their intentions are and where they are going with their plans,they tend to give no comment. Perhaps they have something up their sleeve, or perhaps they just aren’t ready for what the mobile market would mean.

Nintendo's Latest

What Nintendo is doing, apparently, as the Nintendo Mobile Game Review explains, is that they are releasing their first mobile app for smartphones and tablets. Now, this app, between Nintendo and Japan-based wireless carrier NTT DoCoMo will let user tether their Nintendo 3DS system to their smartphones to access the Web. In the beginning, this feature will only be for US users and Nintend hasn't yet said whether this tethering will come to other markets as well. As any Nintendo Mobile Game Review will explain, Nintendo definitely needs to get its act together in the smartphone arena. They have recently announced that their sales of the hardware and software are down.

Not Moving Quickly

The mobile games for Nintendo, however, don't seem to be intimidating the Nintendo developers. The tethering app just makes it easier for Nintendo 3DS owners to connect to the Web but not really easier to play games on other devices. Many who are writing for the Nintendo Mobile Game Review sites have begged Nintendo to explore the possibility of bringing Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda, among other games, to iOS and Android. But Nintendo has, as of yet, just ignored these calls. They appear to think that keeping their games on their own consoles allows them to have more ownership. What they don't seem to realize it that it offers less players and less people talking about their games.

Excitement in the Marketplace

For now, those who are clinging to the idea of the Nintendo Mobile Game Review sites will have to keep waiting their turn. They can play from the Nintendo console — they can enjoy the tethering — but they can't yet enjoy mobile the way that mobile was intended. Unfair? Annoying? Perhaps — but Nintendo must have its reasons and the rest of us will just have to wait for the chance to enjoy mobile games in this format. For now, players can enjoy the Nintendo console, their tethering or can play mobile games somewhere else. And those seem to be the best options for the moment.