Ninja Reveals Trade Secrets In New Book

By Ben Hamill - August 27 2019

Ninja Reveals Trade Secrets In New Book

Professional gamer Tyler Blevins, better known to the gaming world as “Ninja” is more than just a pro at what he does for a living. He’s also willing to reveal some of what he considers to be the secrets of the trade and has just released to the world his very first book. Its all about what it takes to really improve one’s game as a player and it’s called “Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming”. In it, Ninja offers all sorts of interesting tit-bits, but most importantly, how to turn gaming as a hobby into a career in gaming.

Ninja, who now enjoys a following that is tens of millions strong and generates an income to the tune of $500,000 every month by doing what he loves best, first became popular in 2017 when global gaming phenomena Fortnite blasted onto our screens. But the truth is, Ninja has been going at it for longer than a decade.

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Nothing Ever “Just Happens”

But his rise to fame was anything but instant. The Ninja we know now is the product of many years’ worth of hard work and tenacious dedication. But more even than absolute dedication, what Ninja has achieved is mostly thanks to him having successfully built a brand.

Blevins is no sit-back-and-relax type of public figure either. Despite having literally made millions out of streaming video games to live audiences, he continues to go at it, working for 8 hours straight almost each day of the week. Some days involve 12 hours of live streaming, not including extra time spent editing content and compiling special promotions and all sorts of advertising initiatives. In short, when a guy like Ninja has taken the time to sit down and write a book, then its probably worth reading.

Consistency Is The Key

Ninja offers up a number of valuable pointers in his book. The book immediately establishes the core message that making a success of gaming; as is the case with just about anything else in life and in work; requires more than just a quick jab at creating and running your own YouTube or Twitch channel. Earning the loyalty of an audience, says Ninja, is all about being consistent in everything that you do.

Its also important to remember that there are never any guarantees. Making money should never be the prime directive, especially not when first starting out. Games and fads come and go, writes Ninja, and in order to become and stay successful, its important to not only have a dream, but also to set realistic goals.

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