Ninja Takes A Fortnite Break

By Ben Hamill - February 11 2021

Ninja Takes A Fortnite Break

Popular Twitch streamer Ninja has announced he’s quitting Battle Royale game Fortnite after repeated stream sniping. Ninja, who became famous because of his involvement with the game he now plans to quit, explained his proposed exit as the result of his being supposedly targeted and killed by the same online player four times in a row.

The world-famous gamer has been a long-time streamer of the Battle Royale title, and gained massive appeal after his big Halo departure. He gained fame from his early streaming of original editions of the game’s content.

After a long absence from Fortnite, he recently made his return only to be thumped by stream sniping several times in a single (live streamed) sitting.

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Stream Sniping Explained

“Stream sniping”, according to those in the know, is an unfair and brazenly opportunistic tactic that allows an online user to exploit specific game-related info by watching the livestream of the person they happen to be competing against. Although it regarded a simple way of gaining the upper hand, it can obviously lead to the levels of frustration that are clearly harrowing enough to cause live streamers great discomfort – and even being kicked from Twitch.

Ninja, who claims his departure is the direct result of the fact that targeting is made so easy by the game, left in a storm of expletives and bad vibes, vowing to leave behind the losers who have now caused him to refuse to stream the game any longer.

He did however prior to his loud departure for old time’s sake reassert his in-game dominance by pointing out that even though he had not played in a very long time, he still managed to kill “almost” all of his young opponents. These are opponents Ninja said play the game for hours and hours on end – unlike him who had only just rejoined the Battle Royale party.

No More Mixer – What’s Next?

Ninja - real name Tyler Blevins - announced his initial departure from Twitch back in 2019, when he announced his plans to join Microsoft’s Mixer platform.

The popular streamer used to be pretty much the closest thing gaming – and Twitch – had to a crossover superstar. Blevins however returned to Twitch a little under a year later when Microsoft pulled the plug Mixer in July 2020.

It remains to be seen how he’ll be dealing with the multiyear contract renewal he signed with the streaming platform upon his return following his Mixer departure.

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