Xbox TV May Be The Way Of The Future

By Ben Hamill - June 17 2021

Xbox TV May Be The Way Of The Future

If the rumours are true, Microsoft is on the verge of changing the gaming industry forever. The release of built-in Xboxes, or Xbox TVs, may further disrupt and push the gaming industry continuously forward. While Sony might have the spotlight when it comes to partnerships and intellectual property, Microsoft seems to be leading the pack in terms of innovative solutions.

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What Does This Mean For Gamers?

Xbox TV doesn’t necessarily mean mobility, but it does give players a sense of freedom. With enough distribution, gamers will need little more than a controller and an account to play. Eventually, this could mean that airports, hotels and the houses of friends and families could turn into gaming spots – this fits in perfectly with Microsoft’s approach to gaming anywhere.

Software dominance is by no means a new strategy for Microsoft. This is the same company that famously tried to get ‘Windows’ and ‘Office’ into every single computer, after all. If the rumours about the Xbox TV are true, it may well be an indication that in future, gamers will be able to play on third-party hardware quite easily.

As the gaming industry seems to be drifting towards digital solutions, Xbox TVs seem to be the perfect mix of digital and physical products. Should this endeavour be a successful one, it could revolutionise the entire industry.

What Are The News Reports Saying?

Recent news reports are indicating that Microsoft has been working very closely with monitor and TV manufacturers to create Xbox TVs. With this technology, players would technically be able to enjoy games from Xbox Game Pass without the need for a console. These rumours, if true, would be perfectly timed, as Microsoft has just announced that it plans to expand its serves and streaming capabilities a great deal.

To date, Microsoft has been a strong promoter of the concept of gaming anywhere. For example, their xCloud allowed gamers to access content on their phones and mobile devices. Furthermore, their Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is integrated with EA Play. It also provides gaming options through PCs, consoles, and different browsers.

In the long run, it is possible that Xbox TVs become a staple in the industry. However, Microsoft and internet providers will have to work hard to be able to replicate the performances that physical consoles have been able to provide players.

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