Nintendo To Bring More 3DS To Switch Lite

By Ben Hamill - November 05 2019

Prefer the ultimate in handheld portable experiences but not too amped about the range of games compatible with Nintendo’s Switch Lite? Then never fear, because the iconic Japanese games brand is considering bringing more 3DS games to Switch in order to “highlight the Lite’s appeal as a handheld”.

This is good news for those mourning the ever-steady decline of the old 3DS console system. But the hardware is only half of the story. Death of the console does not necessarily have to mean death of the games too. 3DS games will live on irrespective of the means of transportation. And by the looks of things, Switch Lite may become exactly that. The ultimate 3DS channel.

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The Need Justifies 3DS

Nintendo Chief Shuntaro Furukawa’s supposed statement that the company is looking into bringing more and more 3DS games to the handheld is obviously very good news by way of implication for Pokémon fans. Especially in the run up towards the planned new releases for December.

In fact, so committed is Nintendo to the Switch cause, that the company has become increasingly more adamant about the crossing over and in its efforts to help its players to make the transition, has said that it promises to keep on making 3DS games just so long as there is an actual need for it. Which apparently, there really is.

It isn’t yet clear which 3DS titles will be making the transition first up, but that Nintendo full well intends to stick to its promises is evident from the fact that the Brain Age franchise be making its way on over into Switch-land next month. And Nintendo has gone all out in an attempt to make the DS range to be fully supported by the handheld’s particular capabilities. Think a dedicated stylus and in-game features that take full advantage of Switch’s own built-in capabilities.

A Damn Good Idea

At the end of the day, not many players are going to be showing a 3DS game fully compatible with the ease and comfort of true handheld technology the door. Who here after all will be able to even resist a full-HD 3DS game? Not many.

And yes, re-releases will have their cake and eat it too. And why not? When what is about to ultimately happen is that Switch will become even more appealing by way of association. Nintendo probably just paid itself a bigger favour than what would be considered the best possible Switch Lite scenario.

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