Qualcomm Planning A Switch Doppelganger

By Ben Hamill - March 26 2021

Qualcomm Planning A Switch Doppelganger

Wireless tech giant Qualcomm is rumoured to be working on a Nintendo Switch look-alike. According to a company insider, Qualcomm is hoping to showcase its flagship Snapdragon chipsets in a way other than the traditional PC-based performance.

Images of the initial concept drawings of the new device reportedly closely resemble the look and feel of Nintendo’s handheld game console, with even the detachable joycon-style controllers present on the right as well the left of the device.

The overall design is however apparently slightly bulkier than that of a Switch – the reason being that Qualcomm believes that the added room made possible by a bulkier design will allow its processor to thermally run at a much cooler temperature than what would have been possible with a more compact, smart phone-style casing.

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Method To The Bulk

But all that extra free space will apparently be utilised for an additional advantage: that of a massive 6000mAh battery powerpack that will be equipped with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge capabilities.

According to inside sources, the company has tasked a renowned supplier in the controller sector to come up with the final design of the gamepad – and also to handle the actual manufacturing thereof. And while the actual dimensions have not yet been leaked, some have reason to believe that the screen will be 6.65” (across).

Very similar to Nintendo’s Switch, the new portable will feature support ports for display-out functionality, meaning users will be able to play their games on an external display such as a television or computer monitor. Also apparently to be included in the deal will be an SD card reader for external storage. 

Running Cool On Android

Android will (obviously) be the operating system of choice, which is good news for fans of Fortnite-maker Epic. Qualcomm has reportedly hinted at the hope of being authorised to support the Epic Games Store app upon official launch of the handheld device.

The idea is currently that the new device be launched early next year, which probably means it will get to feature a next generation of Snapdragon chipsets. It isn’t yet clear whether the tech-giant will be using a specialised chip design, or whether an off-shelf solution will be deployed.

The initial price point has reportedly been set at around $300, although whether this tag will include the detachable gamepads is not yet certain. What Qualcomm has officially confirmed is that it will offer direct sales to customers in the U.S and surrounds, with U.S. carrier connections tasked with bringing the device to the shelves of stores.

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