New GTA Game Rumoured To Be in The Works

By Ben Hamill - November 20 2019

grand theft auto

All indications are that Rockstar Games is hiding an exciting secret up its creative sleeve. This according to a tell tale in the way of an image posted to photo share platform by hip-hop group City Morgue hinting at the fact that a brand new Grand Theft Auto may be headed our way.

The teaser involved City Morgue strongly hinting that the makings of Grand Theft Auto 6 may be currently underway and that a partnership with Rockstar is part of the deal. The Instagram post has since having gone live earlier this month unleashed a massive wave of speculation regarding the possible 2020 launch of a new GTA release.

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Music A Strong Hint

It all stands to perfectly good reason that Rockstar would have opted in on a deal with City Morgue what with music very much standing central to all that is the wonderful and unique cross-franchise essence that is Grand Theft Auto.

Folks are all the more up in arms about the very secretive hint posted by City Morgue following a recent vacancy posted by none other than Rockstar Games. The developer’s vacancy ad requests applications for developers interested in becoming part of the Rockstar family in the capacity and role of animation systems engineer.

The advertisement goes on to provide at least some details about the requirements of the advertised position, with Rockstar requesting candidates to “help us in developing advanced animation systems for large open world character-based games”. Now if it walks like a toad and acts like a toad, then obviously chances are good that it may in fact be – a toad.

Remember Frank Ocean?

The fact that the ad and call for employment help may relate to something entirely different hasn’t stopped passionate gaming fans from holding on to the straw that GTA is the actual thing being referred to. Music collaborations have in the past played significant roles in new releases and the hope is that a repeat of more to come may be expected now that the City Morgue cat is good and proper out the Rockstar bag.

Whatever is really going on in camp Rockstar-City Morgue appears to be serious development business indeed. Hardly the kind of business that would first up be associated with some other alternative such as a sequel to Bully or some such. Also: think Frank Ocean. But then again, perhaps all of it is more wishful thinking than anything else. But it certainly harms no soul to hope.

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