Riot Games Announces 5 Planned New Releases

By Ben Hamill - October 22 2019

Riot Games has become synonymous with its one smash hit released in all of 10 years: League of Legends. That’s a decade’s worth of simply riding the wave of super success. But despite what anyone may have been thinking; and thinking that the undisputed gods of gaming needn’t bother with anything else than LoL is admittedly what we secretly did; it now appears as if the developer has in fact not been sitting back on its laurels, but has instead for the past 8 years been working on at least 5 new titles.

Perhaps most significant of the recent developments is Riot’s announcement that it is finally ready to unleash on the gaming world a mobile-friendly version of League of Legends, simply titled “League”. This follows fans having requested a mobile version of their favourite game for nearly as long as what LoL has been in existence. Riot has apparently decided to go the whole hog whilst at it in anyway and will also be releasing a League version for consoles. This is a move in a completely new direction for the developer as League of Legends has traditionally been a PC-only game release. One has to surmise at what LoL purists (yes, it’s a thing) may or may not have to say about the latest developments. Time to start trawling gaming forums again for sure.

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Riot Listened To Player Demands

According to Riot chairman and co-founder Marc Merrill, the planned release of mobile and console versions of the game is essentially the developer indicating to its loyal fan-base that it (Riot) has been listening tot what the demands have been and that the only reason its taken to long for the latest concepts to come full circle is that it wasn’t cut and dry or “easy” to immediately pay heed to the demands.

And that Riot has a whole lot on its plate is no lie. One only has to consider the fact that League of Legends is right up there with Fortnite when talking player numbers to realise that this is true. The game has not merely remained viable and profitable year-on-year for the past decade, but its also developed into a major eSports title; if not the biggest of all; with championship finals played in Paris, France, each year.

Legends Of Runeterra Coming Soon

In addition to the releases of LoL for mobile and console, Riot has also created a mobile spin-off to its popular LoL in-game Teamflight Tactics mode, as well as a card game, a tactical shooter game and a fighting game.

The developer has to date only revealed a specific launch date for the card game. Legends of Runeterra will be released for PC and mobile next year.

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