YouTube Drops Coming To Blizzard Leagues

By Ben Hamill - May 21 2020

YouTube Drops Coming To Blizzard Leagues

Activision Blizzard and Google-owned streaming platform YouTube’s January-announced multiple-year deal that saw YouTube appointed the exclusive streaming partner for Activision Blizzard’s eSports leagues has finally come full circle. Activision Blizzard-owned Call of Duty League (CDL) announced earlier on this week that players will soon gain access to the earning of in-game rewards, commonly referred to as “drops” as a reward for watching CDL broadcasts on YouTube. Incidentally, the Overwatch League has announced its own plans for drops too.

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Those interested in earning the in-game rewards in return for time spent watching CDL will be required to watch live matches streamed either on the Call of Duty League official website or via the Call of Duty Companion app. In order to qualify, matches must be viewed while logged into a viewer/player’s Activision account. This according to an official CDL blog post. Drops will include animated calling cards, sprays, team emblems, etc. Rewards will be applied cross-platform, the blog inscription revealed.

Blizzard’s “How To” Rundown

Blizzard has also since having teased coming in-game rewards for Overwatch League, provided specific details as to how Overwatch-specific drops will work. Beginning this coming Friday, players will be able to accumulate League Tokens whenever Overwatch League matches are viewed on either the league’s official website, its mobile site or its official app, with the prerequisite being that viewing will only qualify for rewards in the event that the potential drop-earner is signed into his or her account.

The tokens earned in this manner can then be traded for in-game items on any gaming platform. An additional requirement worth taking note of is that console players will be required to link to their Xbox Live, Nintendo account or PlayStation Network via their accounts in order to redeem rewards by using their accumulated tokens earned.

Drops A Long Time Coming

Drops are of course nothing new to Overwatch League as in-game rewards were offered as far back as when the league was streaming exclusively on Twitch. It’s no surprise then that drops will be offered in pretty much the same way now that Overwatch League is streamed via YouTube.

In fact, drops aren’t new in general. Epic Games as far back as last year July offered free cosmetics for Fortnite to those who tuned in to watch the Fortnite World Cup on YouTube. Riot Games too, has drawn on the success of drops and has found in-game rewards to be a hugely successful tool in building hype and awareness around Valorant, the eSports colossus’ upcoming tactical shooter game.

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