Bill Pascrell A GAME ABOVE’s New President

By Ben Hamill - June 09 2020

Bill Pascrell A GAME ABOVE’s New President

Exciting news on the gaming events business front is that Bill Pascrell III has been named the new president of marketing behemoth A GAME ABOVE. And it’s an appointment proudly welcomed by Pascrell, for the simple reason of a lesson taught by first-hand experience time spent with the company. A GAME ABOVE, said Pascrell at the time of the presidency announcement, is a gaming and betting customer solutions provider who, above all, has the power and ability to make a customer believe in the brand and in winning. Powerful words spoken by a dynamic individual and leader in the field of gaming and betting entertainment.

Pascrell will during his time in the North American division’s president’s seat, direct all customer outreach operators and projects conducted across the entire US as well as Canada.

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About Creating Meaning

What had made the biggest impression of all, said Pascrell, was the company’s ability to chisel from gaming and betting a full-on career path for players – and one where instead of the focus being solely on winning money, is in fact a combination of a world of achievements and aspirations realised and satisfied. And it’s a satisfaction and coming full circle only to be had from customer engagements with the supplier’s professional campaigns.

Pascrell also said that he believes that North American players, especially, will be impressed and captivated by the totally unique and certainly creative promotions that are part of A GAME ABOVE’s specific customer approach. It’s an approach that taps into the very emotions behind why players gambling and bet in the first place – but it’s also an approach that inspires self-challenge, learning to pursue a dream without fearing failure, and firm belief that something meaningful can be won.

Focus On Customer Experience

Needless to say, from the perspective of A GAME ABOVE, the man who led the campaign that ultimately led to a legalised US sports betting industry, is a human resources asset to be secured and never let go of again. Chief Operations Officer Jakob Famme made no secret of the fact that Pascrell had been the company’s first choice to lead the team in North America, a market described by Famme as important.

The focus going forward, said Famme, will be to help operators re-gain, retain and maintain their own player audiences on the back of a gradual return to semi-normal everyday life. Customer experience promotions, concluded Famme, will be the main role-players in the rebuilding of an industry.

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