Star Citizen Adds Canadian Studio

By Ben Hamill - December 24 2020

Star Citizen Adds Canadian Studio

Massively multiplayer online game Star Citizen, which is widely known as the never-ending MMO, is adding a brand-new studio to its development portfolio. And best of all is that new addition to the development pipeline is in fact a Canadian company.

Turbulent, a Canadian studio in which Cloud Imperium Games acquired a stake in during 2019, is setting up an all-new operation based in Montreal. From here, the studio will focus on creating new features for Star Citizen, as well as additional locations, new star systems, more travelable locations to explore, etc. The studio is considered a long-term kind of deal and will be developing content for the popular MMO on an “ongoing” basis, the companies have said.

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Long Involvement In The Making

This will of course not be Turbulent’s first involvement with the Star Citizen brand. The Canadian studio has for years been involved in behind-the-scenes development, the running of the game’s official support site, and the administration and maintenance of backend technology.

The new studio will however focus exclusively on the development of actual in-game content to be incorporated into the MMO. It will therefor act as a fully-fledged design studio, and should all go according to plan, will over the next three years be expanded to 100 developers.

What makes the new Montreal location of the studio so very exciting, said Turbulent co-founder and Chief Technical Officer Benoit Beausejour of the announcement, is that the city is home to a truly impressive pool of games development talent – not to mention even a rich and celebrated video game  history.

Turbulent A Deserving Team

Hard work and effort, says Cloud Imperium Chief Development Officer Erin Roberts, were just two of the deciding factors in terms of Turbulent having been invited onboard in a more permanent and leading way. The Turbulent team has been integral and catalysing to the success of the game and of Cloud Imperium, said Roberts. As such, offering the opportunity of the fully-fledged Star Citizen development studio to Turbulent really was a no-brainer.

Star Citizen’s MMO universe will remain separate from single player mode Squadron 42. Even so, the two will remain connected and accessible via a single game client. Also important to note is that some Squadron 42 actions and decisions will lead to certain consequences in the MMO world of the game. The developers have not yet given an indication as to when these types of interactions will kick into force.

Star Citizen crowdfunding has in the meantime surpassed the $323 million mark.

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