Amimoca Teams Up With F1 To Create Crypto-Game

By Ben Hamill - March 29 2019

Amimoca Teams Up With F1 To Create Crypto-Game

Formula 1 motor-racing will be making its official blockchain game debut thanks to an agreement with Amimoca Brands, a top games, blockchain and AI provider. F1 Delta Time will feature will feature both a collectable component as well as a racing component; with the collectable component being made possible by non-fungible tokens (NFT’s).

The first phase of the game is set to be launched on May the 10th and just in time to be right ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. Formula 1 motor racing has been the inspiration behind many games and branded products, and it’s exciting that it now has the opportunity to be an official brand-partner. Branded games, especially those endorsed by major sports brands, are highly popular among players. These games enjoy widespread recognition as being highly instrumental in boosting fan engagement.

According to co-founder and chairman of Amimoca, Yat Siu, a brand-partner licensing agreement of this nature, and especially one with Formula 1, will provide a major boost to Amimoca’s global reach.

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Honing In On Brand Power

Formula 1 is a brand that is well-known the world over, and leveraging its brand power in favour of blockchain games is just about the most effective way to boost both brands. It’s the ultimate coming together of a couple of great ideas.

Siu pointed out that one of key focus points of the agreement would be to increase consumer exposure to the idea of blockchain technology. Many people do not know how blockchain technology works and as such, their levels of awareness do not extent any further than knowing that anonymous currencies like Bitcoin exist. To make matters worse, many people are intimidated by the idea of blockchain technology, and are therefore not prone to investigate its possibilities and potential.

Amimoca Brands hopes to change all of that, and what better way in which to do so than by creating a prominent connection with F1 motor racing, a sports brand that is known and loved the world over.

F1 Is The Top Motor Racing Brand

Formula 1 hosts annual events in a total of 21 countries and enjoys the side-of-track support of roughly 4.1 million people every year. That’s not even counting the millions of people tuning in on live televised events every year.

The 2019 Formula 1 season has kicked off in all of its glory and fans can’t wait to see who will take this year’s title. The next race will take place on March 31st. The battle for pole position in the Bahrain Grand Prix will be fought at the Bahrain International Circuit.

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