New Amazon CEO Recommits To Making Games

By Ben Hamill - February 07 2021

Playing Games

While Amazon’s efforts in the video games industry turned earnest a few years ago, the tech giant hasn’t achieved much success with any of the games developed in-house to date. Of the first three titles developed by Amazon Game Studios, Breakaway and Crucible have both been canned, with only New World still hanging on in the re-design pipeline. But according to a recent report by Bloomberg, this may just be about to change.

According to the financial and business news giant, newly appointed Amazon CEO Andy Jassy this week in a company email admitted that the company’s in-house game studio division hasn’t always hit the mark, but at the same time, will achieve success if it sticks with the program. And now that Google has officially pulled the plug on Stadia’s involvement on first-party games development, Amazon certainly could achieve massive success if it were to play its cards right.

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Gaming Remains Big Money

Jassy, currently chief executive of Amazon Web Services, certainly seems committed to help the company become a big-time player in the world of cloud gaming. With the right type of backing, there’s no reason Luna could not succeed where Stadia seems to have failed.

This week marked a significant point in time for Amazon, as CEO and founder Jeff Bezos stepped down from his role as chief executive. Jassy’s appointment does however appear to solidify the company’s commitment to Luna and to cloud-based gaming.

Amazon is very obviously focused on where the wealth seems to lie, with gaming expected to generate more than $180 billion in revenue in 2021. This makes gaming more lucrative a business than the global music industry ($19 billion) and the box office film industry ($43 billion) combined.

A New World Awaits

What with Stadia effectively out the picture, this leaves only Microsoft’s Project xCloud posing any sort of competition to Amazon Game Studios.

Amazon last year invested millions in a multiplayer online game in which players occupy a persistent fantasy world and realm that is based on an alternate 17th century reality. New World, despite setbacks caused by a global crisis and two previous Amazon Game Studios flops, will hopefully help Amazon crack the precariously difficult gaming cookie. The company has shown itself capable of creating and making a success of just about anything – movies, drone delivery technology, television shows, and e-readers – but a successful video game has proven a challenge of nuclear proportions.

Perhaps Jassy will emerge the lucky talisman Amazon has so desperately been waiting for.

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