AEW’s Big Game Announcement Of The Year

By Ben Hamill - December 28 2020

AEW’s Big Game Announcement Of The Year

All Elite Wrestling’s big video game announcement of 2020 may just be exactly what fans of wrestling video games have been asking for and craving for years – decades even.

But stoking our high expectations of what’s to come is more than the promise of a long-overdue new wrestling sports title. There’s the fact that All Elite AEW Wrestling will be released across current as well as future generation consoles – which we interpret to mean PS4 and Xbox One as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and there’s that the making of the game will be the work of long-time WWE game developer Yuke’s.

But perhaps most exciting of all is the fact that the game will be directed by Hideyuki Iwashita. That’s right, the same Hideyuki Iwashita that gave us WWF No Mercy – arguably the best wrestling video game ever created. It was the first wresting video game ever made to blend arcade-variety beat-em-up with realistic wrestling simulation.

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Two Mobile Games Coming Too

There’s been no word yet regarding a possible release date, but indications are we could expect the new title to go live somewhere towards the end of 2021.

Also revealed by the AEW crew along with the release of the official trailer is that they’re working not only on the main title, but also on two games for mobile. Elite General Manager will give players the opportunity to go through the motions of signing wrestlers and booking matches – no previous experience needed.

Coming soon is AEW Casino: Double or Nothing, which is being developed for AEW by KamaGames. Included in the package will be AEW-branded versions of Blackjack, Poker, slots, and Roulette.

Bring Back Old-School Wrestling

Perhaps more than anything else, the making of All Elite AEW Wrestling marks the return of a true simulation-style wrestling game. This is miles of progress ahead of what we saw with WWE 2K20 for consoles – which is rather shockingly the best we’ve got at our disposal right now.

The hope is that the new AEW wrestling title will be able to usher back in a time of old-school fight magic. Since AEW has established itself as strong and competitive in the real-life professional wresting world, they’re just about our best bet for developing a video game that is true to the sport and capable of really pushing the WWE in the video games world.

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