Canada Museum Helps Launch Game On Switch

By Ben Hamill - October 18 2019

Scientists are often heard bemoaning the fact that science is perceived as being an interest only enjoyed by the intricately academically-minded and as such, has lost much of its potential appeal when talking everyday people and students on the street. But this has started to change, and especially so over the course of the past decade. One of the major role-players in the field of “making science great for everyone” is the Canada Aviation and Space museum. And with that having been said, their latest venture and initiative may prove to be the museum’s most significant to date because the Canadian centre’s latest project involves the actual launch of a game on Nintendo Switch.

Staff at the centre cannot contain their excitement about having helped launch the new soon-to-be-released video game. Starblox is the result of a partnership between the museum and gaming and development company Seed, and features actual landscapes and images explored within the scope of space exploration and aviation science. It is therefore sure to be both entertaining as well as highly educational.

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A True Space Travel Adventure

Starblox will invite players along on an adventure involving the delivery of space cargo as well as fighting off potential enemies and obstacles along the way. Its all about becoming the number 1 space cargo courier in the solar system and players who enjoy mission-style games are sure to find Starblox to be a firm favourite in the making.

But it’s the educational factor that makes the project to be so exceptionally exciting for staff at the museum, not least of all science educator Jesse Rogerson. Rogerson said that in addition to the game being fun, which is of course a critical draw-card, it also provides factual education about the many challenges involved with space flight in general.

Its All Based On Real Science

Better still is the fact that the game will actually require players to apply basic science concepts in order to successfully complete cargo delivery missions. Rogerson uses the example of making a delivery to Mars as a good example.

Mars has a gravity quotient that is equal to 40% of that of earth. By playing the game, said Rogerson, players will learn various scientific facts about the locations featured in Starblox. This is an exceptionally powerful way to learn about a new subject or topic, and for many people, beats having to pick up a book and learn new facts in a scholarly kind of way.

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