Monopoly Board Game Review

By Ben Hamill - October 23 2014

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Property Trading and Wealth Accumulation

The Monopoly Board Game Review only skims the surface of this classic game that is without a doubt one of the most popular if not the most popular of all of the board games ever. Monopoly was first created in 1933 by Parker games and until this day it is still owned and produced by Parker games with a few licenses around the world. Monopoly is a game of skill and trading. It is a game of property trading and wealth accumulation played by children and adults alike. The game is played until one or more of the players are made bankrupt and hence lose the game.

There are forty spaces on a Monopoly board. These spaces are filled with 28 properties that are made up of 22 streets, 4 railway stations and 2 utilities. The other spaces are made up of 3 chance card spots, 3 community space spots, a luxury tax spot and an income tax spot. At the four corners of the game players can find Go, Go to Jail, Just visiting Jail or in Jail and Free Parking.

How to Play Monopoly

The basic rules of the game are that each player works his way around the board and purchases property with the budget he has received at the start of the game. When a different player lands on a purchased property rent has to be paid to the owner of the property. Different properties require different rents. When a player as accumulated a full set of properties he is able to start purchasing houses and or hotels or both for his properties.

The properties with houses and hotels are require more rent than the single properties as do sets of properties before houses or hotels have been bought. As the game progresses players get into all sorts of complicated scenarios and in some cases debt. The community chest cards and the chance cards are tasks or instructions for the players such as paying tax to paying a birthday gift to each player or paying tax on properties. Sometimes these cards are a great advantage to the player and sometimes they can cause the player grief and problems by costing him more money.

Many of the payments that are required are placed in the middle of the board and if a player is lucky enough to land on Free Parking he wins all of the money that it in the centre of the board. Players that land on the Go to Jail corner are sent straight to jail and need to pay $50 to leave jail or wait three turns while trying to land double numbers on the dice. Players that land on the GO receive $400 and players that just pass go receive $200.

Extensions and Additions to the Game

The classic Monopoly Board game offers different symbols or tokens to be used as men. These include a wheelbarrow, a battleship, a race card, a thimble, a boot, a Scottie dog and a top hat. Over the years there have been different symbols added and taken away. One of the latest updates mentioned in the Monopoly Board Game Review is the electronic banking option. This gives players a credit card that is filled with money and a special machine for swiping the credit card. Each time the player needs to make a payment or receive a gift or rent, he hands in his credit card to the banker who adds to it electronically.

As with many of the popular board games there have been many different additions and updates over the years. The stock exchange version changes the Go to Jail corner to a stock exchange and players who land on this section are sent to start trading on the stock exchange. The playmaster is a very clever addition that offers electronic tracking. All of the details of the game are input into the playmaster and at random auctions are announced for different properties together with tunes being played if players land on certain properties such as the Railroad.

The mini games are separate skill games that can be played if the player lands on the Go to Jail corner or the Free Parking corner. The Jail mini game is a game of skill in which the player has to physically move pieces to get out of jail. The Free Parking mini game is also a game of skill involving manoeuvring cars out of locations without hitting others. The Monopoly Board Game Review only touches on the magic and enjoyment that players experience when playing this leading choice of board games that has sustained decades of play.