Mobile Gaming To Surpass $200 Billion By 2023

By Ben Hamill - December 23 2020

Mobile Gaming To Surpass $200 Billion By 2023

The most recent estimations are that mobile gaming could be a market worth well in excess of $200 billion by 2023. And that it’s an economic explosion part-created by the global health crisis of 2019-20. While game segments across the board witnessed an increase in engagement and revenue as a result of stay-at-home orders, travel restrictions, an unprecedented new remote-working reality, and more, mobile gaming saw the biggest increase of all sub-sectors.

There are several reasons for why this is true, and it’s very much a case of a combination of factors working together and driving revenue and growth in a united effort – including the new affordability status of smartphones, the temporary shuttering of gaming venues and networking café’s, and also the comparatively simple process of mobile software design as opposed to games developed for PC and console. Additionally, the fact that the mobile design and development process isn’t nearly as dependent on physical transport and distribution channels as what are console and computer systems has played a leading role in the rise of mobile gaming also.  

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The Console Challenge

A major barrier in terms of console distribution, especially, has been that of cross-company partnerships and collaborations. This, combined with cross-country certification, has placed the console industry in a severely precarious position now that all forms of interaction, movement, and, as a result also trade, have been impacted in such a significant and challenging manner. 

A real-world example of this would have been the delays suffered by PlayStation 4 exclusives Ghost of Tshushima and The Last of Us 2, during the second quarter of 2020. Said delays were created as a direct result of physical distribution challenges.

PC Vs Mobile

PC gaming, which currently enjoys the loyal support of about 1.3 billion players the world over, is expected to grow by approximately 4.8% when comparing 2020 with 2021. Even so, revenue generated by PC gaming will never even as much as prove a drop in the bucket’s worth of a changing of the overall market outlook.

What’s more, PC gaming has managed to literally escape the bulk of the challenges brought about by the global health crisis – in the very least in terms of physical distribution. Since practically the entire PC ecosystem is now full-on digital, physical distribution has very much been a non-event for this particular platform.

All in all, mobile gaming is leading the way, and will likely be doing exactly that indefinitely.

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