Minecraft Smashes Through the 200M Ceiling

By Ben Hamill - May 19 2020

Minecraft Smashes Through the 200M Ceiling

Microsoft’s Minecraft has been around for an astounding 11 years – a period of time bordering on ancient when talking the typical expected popularity-lifespan of a game. But Minecraft continues to entertain and with sales having now officially exceeded the 200 million mark, along with an estimated 26 million people playing the game every month, all bets certainly appear to be off.

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Microsoft has, not surprisingly, reported a new wave of interest in and engagement with the game ever since staying at home became the new normal around about halfway through March. And the actual player figures reported by the tech-giant haven’t been small-fry reporting either. A 25% increase was reported for April alone, along with a 40% surge in multiplayer gaming sessions involving the popular Mojang Studios-developed game.

Redefining Exponential Growth

The latest sales figures suggest a progressive increase in brand awareness and title-popularity. Sales officially topped the 100 million mark in 2016, roughly 7 years into the game’s existence. This implies a definite exponential escalation as far as sales figures go since the next 100 million mark took only 4 years to reach.

Much of the incredible success achieved by the game can be put down to a mix of nostalgia combined with a new surge in interest from YouTube-based players and fans. If the purchase of Minecraft-creators Mojang Studios has been anything to Microsoft, it’s a phenomenally smart purchase and solid investment. At the time of the acquisition nearly six years ago, sales figures added up to 50 million copies of the game sold across various platforms – including versions for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, to name only some.

From Bedroom Top Booming Success

From exceptionally humble beginnings, the game first started out as a low-key bedroom pastime project and was originally released and distributed as just another Java applet on a common web forum. What happened next, few will have anticipated. The game instantly grabbed the imaginations of literally thousands of players who simply adored the concept of “indie” and the notion that a gaming community – and even individual players – was suddenly at liberty to shape a gaming environment at own leisure.

This obviously also marked the birth of a colossal Minecraft community sharing everything from YouTube tips to how to create replica Minecraft objects online. Minecraft is a solid study in the unbridled power that is the result of a common community worshipping a common popular-culture brand.

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