Microsoft Looking To Buy Warner Bros. Games

By Ben Hamill - July 08 2020

Microsoft Looking To Buy Warner Bros. Games

Warner Bros. owners AT&T are potentially looking to sell off the corporation’s gaming division, also known as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. What’s more, Microsoft is potentially interested in buying it.

If Microsoft were to emerge the winning bidder, it will have acquired the exclusive rights to quite a big-name games portfolio, including titles such as Lego, Harry Potter. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment owns more than a dozen games development studios scattered across the UK and US. These include NetherRealm (Mortal Kombat), Monolith (Shadow of Mordor), Rocksteady (Batman Arkham), Avalanche (Harry Potter), and TT Games (Lego).

What this could very well mean for the gaming community in the event that the tech giant does end up nabbing the deal, is that games like Lego, Mortal Kombat, and the new Harry Potter game, could possibly in future be released as Xbox exclusives.

Or more blatantly put, no more Mortal Kombat or any of the rest for PlayStation.

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The Thing About Exclusivity

Exclusivity is of course not at all a given. Consider Minecraft, for example, quintessentially Microsoft and yet enjoyed by a massive PlayStation community the world over. Even so, the value of exclusivity cannot be denied. Microsoft would be foolish to not put an Xbox lock on at least one or two of the mentioned games and licenses.

To say that owning a wealth of video game licences the size and variety as those owned Warner Bros. would be a solid investment for company like Microsoft, would be the understatement of the century. The tech giant’s current studio portfolio is as it is more than just a little impressive. Microsoft has over time managed to incorporate into its fold several big-game developers. These include Ninja Theory, Obsidian Entertainment, and Double Fine Productions – to name but a few.

Its About More Than Money

But since affordability isn’t the only prerequisite at play, and what with industry rivals Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts (EA), and Take Two Interactive all rumoured to be interested in laying their hands on the goods, Microsoft will have to pull out all the bidding war stops. But then again, Microsoft isn’t exactly the software behemoth it is today without the ability to really get down to business, get its hands dirty, and fight for what it wants.

Whoever does end up emerging the successful bidder will have to be willing to part with at least $4 billion, which amount is what Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is currently valued at. But that’s not to say it won’t be a buy worth every single penny.

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