Microsoft Is Building A Future In Gaming

By Ben Hamill - December 04 2020

Microsoft Is Building A Future In Gaming

Microsoft is a company very much focused on gaming. When asked about the company’s efforts in terms of coming out at the top of the console war during Microsoft’s annual shareholder meeting for 2020, CEO Satya Nadella made their stance clear. Significant to keep in mind is that Microsoft is super excited about the November launch of the new Xbox Series X/S, and particularly about how the new hardware was received by the markets.

The software giant saw its 24-hour launch record of sales in excess of one million units effectively smashed by the new units.  And it’s an achievement Nadella said is the result of Microsoft’s vision of ensuring that its 3 billion gamer-base are able to play their games wherever they want, boosted by the content they want, and also with whom they want to play those games.

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Theirs Is A Multi-Focus Strategy

Microsoft’s strategy has been a combination of high-quality gaming hardware (consoles) coupled with the concept of freedom of choice regarding actual gameplay, explained Nadella.

The company has shown itself completely focused on community gaming with the acquisition of ZeniMax and the launch of subscription-based gaming with Game Pass, continued the CEO. The focus has all throughout been on bringing only the highest quality gaming content possible to company’s global player-base. And in addition to the actual quality of content, to bring also the best cloud-based game streaming product and service to those same players, Nadella said.

A Gaming Future Beckons

What’s more, there’s no slowing of Microsoft’s gaming bid to be detected anywhere – with several future projects confirmed as being in the pipeline also.

The software and gaming giant as recently as September 2020 revealed its plans to acquire ZeniMax media as well as its game publisher, Bethesda Softworks. The massive $7.5 million deal is anticipated to be complete by at least the beginning of the second half of 2021. And according to Nadella, ZeniMax Media and Bethesda Softworks won’t be the last of the big-gaming acquisitions for the company. Microsoft will reportedly look to buy even more big-game developers and suppliers in the future.

For now, Microsoft will focus on meeting the enormous demand for its November 2020-released consoles – with demand expected to far outweigh supply. So much so that according to Xbox head Phil Spencer, consumers can expect to experience delays in supply well into the spring of 2021.

Microsoft has doubled its content portfolio with the acquisition of ZeniMax Media alone. A future paved with games certainly does appear to be a done deal.

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