Microgaming Teams Up With eSports’ Unikrn

By Ben Hamill - July 14 2020

Microgaming Teams Up With eSports’ Unikrn

Great news for eSports fanatics is that leading casino games developer and online entertainment giant Microgaming has finally joined their world. The casino software giant recently concluded a partnership deal with sports betting and entertainment media giant Unikrn; thereby adding a brand-new area of interest and revenue to its existing iGaming portfolio.

Present and licensed in several countries the world over, Microgaming enjoys existing brand-partnerships with more than 800 global gaming brands. The games giant will now officially for the very first time ever be bringing eSports and sports betting-related products to those partners.

And needless to say, Microgaming is over the moon about it all.

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Microgaming Looks For Quality

Microgaming’s number 1 priority is to constantly build on its rich and illustrious heritage of superb product development and innovation, says Microgaming commercial director Leon Thomas. Looking for new and exciting opportunities all intended to raise the “entertainment bar”, said Thomas, is what the casino games giant is 100% of the time endeavouring to do and make happen.

As far as selecting an eSports and betting product partner, Unikrn’s strong reputation for delivering innovation in the sector, said Thomas, proved the ultimate clincher and sealer of the deal. By teaming up with Unikrn as it readies to enter the exciting world of competitive video gaming, Microgaming is perfectly positioning itself alongside a proven eSports and betting and entertainment partner.

Unikrn has a proven track record of entertaining eSports and betting fanatics the world over, and its exactly this reputation and powerful position in the industry Microgaming now hopes to draw its own inspiration and capabilities from.

When Two Giants Meet

Microgaming will now be incorporating Unikrn’s Unikrn Virtual product platform onto its own content aggregation platform. Unikrn Virtual provides a platform for wagering bets on some of the world’s most popular eSports competitions currently played. Games and competitions include Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), NBA2K, War Zone, and Rocket League.

Unikrn was of course co-founded by none other than Rahul Sood, former CEO of Microsoft Ventures. Sood wanted to create something unique and “unprecedented” upon his leaving Microsoft, says the Unikrn co-founder. And what he managed to do when he co-created the never-ending well of exclusive eSports and betting entertainment content, was precisely that.

Sood described being able to join Microgaming’s network of global partners to be a privilege and exciting milestone achieved. Global reach is now well within Unikrn’s reach also.

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