Mario Kart Tour A Major Success

By Ben Hamill - November 03 2019

Nintendo has officially crashed the mobile games party by having sold a record number of downloads for its Mario Kart Tour. 124 million downloads in the first month following the official release of the popular game is no small feat and officially smashes the games giant’s previous record of 21.8 million downloads within the first month following the release of Super Mario Runs.

Nintendo is regarded by many in the gaming industry as being a dark horse of sorts. The company doesn’t appear to be particularly interested in rivalling the likes of Sony or Microsoft and appears to be focused mainly on a younger demographic of player than what is the norm in any event. But despite Nintendo’s almost humble approach, its managed to imprint its likeness on just about every possible platform, and so it was only a matter of time before the games development giant made its way into the mobile games market in a significant way.

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Creatures Of Habit

One would be instantly forgiven for thinking of Nintendo as being prone towards constantly falling back on the tried and tested instead of coming up with new games and themes. But it must also be said that the fact that Nintendo has been able to remain relevant despite their having followed this particular course of action, is nothing short of commendable in its own right.

When you really think about it, much of this has to do with the fact that Nintendo unofficially owns nostalgia. One has only to consider nearly every gamer’s relationship with the Game Boy to realise that this is true. Whenever we long for gaming days gone by, what we are essentially longing for is Nintendo, which is a truth that really does bestow upon the company a poetic licence of sorts when it comes to being “stuck on repeat”.

Something About Simple

Mario Kart is probably better suited to mobile gaming than any other game currently making its way into the market. It doesn’t rely too heavily on a whole lot of tech bells and whistles and Nintendo has made available exactly the correct number of possible customisations so as to not overcomplicate the entire thing when viewed from a mobile games perspective.

And perhaps this, more than anything, has been the driving force behind the company’s longevity and success. Nintendo wants to keep it simple; a strategy that has proved to be worth its weight in gold. Or rather; worth 124 million downloads and counting.

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