Ludo Board Game Convention in Gatineau

By Ben Hamill - November 19 2014

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One of the more popular and upcoming Canadian gaming events will take place this weekend from November 21st to November 23rd. Canadian gamers from all regions will participate in the attractive, exciting, and just plain fun Ludo-Outaouais Board Game Convention at the Tetreau Community Centre, 365 Boulevard de Lucerne in Gatineau, Quebec just across the Outaouais River from Ottawa, the Capitol of Canada.

The Ludo, as the convention is informally known, was established in 2006 by the Ludo-Outaouais Game Club in Gatineau with about 75 attendees. Today it is much larger, attracting many hundreds of board game enthusiasts. The object of the convention, of course, is to have a whale of a time meeting fellow board game players, checking out new games, trying out games you haven't played yet, and participating in tournaments and other activities. Qualifying rounds for the tournaments are played online in advance

The Ludo asks participating board gamers to lend their games to the convention. Each game is registered in the convention's computer; each box is labeled with its owner's name; and then the game is placed in the appropriate area of the game library. This creates a massive library of games. Last year there were more than 500 games in the convention library. Conventioneers can borrow any game during the convention. As you walk around the convention hall, you'll see people playing both familiar and unfamiliar games. It is very common that someone brings a borrowed game to the floor and within minutes finds someone who knows the rules. Gaming ensues as others join.

You can also imagine that no one would dare bring a boring game to such a convention, so you're guaranteed loads of fun playing games for the first time.

There are rules for borrowing games that help protect the games from being damaged or lost.

The Ludo also sponsors a Bazaar where you can buy and sell used games. If you have a game you want to sell, you bring it to the convention on Saturday morning. It is processed and locked away until the Bazaar begins after lunch. Because so many people want to see the games being sold and the room is too small for everyone you may have to wait for a short time before getting in.

The convention opens this Friday at 7:00 pm. Immediately participants set up for a Game of Thrones card game tournament. Doors close at 10:00 but the owls close the convention itself for the night at 2:00am!

Saturday is full, with four tournaments spread out over the course of the day. Once again, the convention closes at 2:00 am. Sunday features two more tornaments. The convention comes to a close at 5:00 pm.

Participants or sponsors are welcome to run their own tournaments or demo. You only have to coordinate your request in advance with the organizers.