Loto-Québec Launches Reels On Instagram

By Ben Hamill - October 21 2020

Loto-Québec Launches Reels On Instagram

Crown corporation and gaming giant Loto-Québec is officially on Instagram. The local gaming and entertainment supplier says that it hopes to step up its presence on social media, and by so doing, connect more effectively with local gaming enthusiasts. To this end, it has just launched an exciting new function called Reels.

A social media presence is of course more crucial right now than ever before, offering businesses and companies’ unique new ways in which to not only engage, but to gauge responses too. A strong social media profile also serves to inform people about special events and offerings available on the gaming provider’s own platform, thereby opening the door for more close engagement in future.

The gaming provider’s lotoquebec_officiel account was recently boosted even further with the launch of Reels – a function first teased in August this year, and one that allows users to create their own short 15 seconds-long video clips for the enjoyment of their followers.

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About Reels

What makes the content created with the help of Reels so entertaining is that it allows the user to tap into the function’s own video editing software. The software allows for the adding of audio clips, several special display and editing effects, and even the posting of dialogue by way of a narration function.

Videos created in this way can then be uploaded to Instagram and posted for everyone to enjoy. This allows users to not only interact with Loto-Québec in a more socially engaged way, but also with their own friends and followers.

Enticing too is that Reels will also give Instagram users following Loto-Québec’s official account the opportunity to catch a glimpse of what it feels like to become an overnight millionaire. New millionaires created by the Crown corporation’s stunning array of Lotto-style games will be featured as they claim their prize money – creating an enhanced new space boosted by social interaction and in-depth engagement with products and the prize money on offer every week.

The Purpose Of Reels

Reels is a product the Crown corporation says it hopes will boost the morale of Lotto enthusiasts in a year that has taken a toll on many – emotionally, mentally, and financially. According to Loto-Québec Social Media Strategist, Mélissa Pigeon, Reels will allow winners to spread the joy and the happiness to others around them also.

The Crown corporation’s land-based casinos, gaming halls, and VLTs, have once again been temporarily shuttered, making a strong and noticeable online presence all the more crucial and necessary.

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