Lost Ark Soars To The Top Of Steam Charts

By Ben Hamill - February 15 2022

Lost Ark Soars To The Top Of Steam ChartsIt seems that video game enthusiasts really are desperate for the next big thing. The new MMO Lost Ark has completely defied all expectations, somehow managing to get over a million players just 24 hours after release. This makes the MMO not just a smash hit, but a real record-breaking phenomenon. To put it in perspective, the newcomer has smashed records previously held by long standing champions like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2.

There is still some way to go, however, in order to beat the ultimate PC gaming record holder PUBG. PUBG managed to hit a peak of over 3 million players, though this was some time ago. It is still possible that Lost Ark takes the crown, but some major changes will have to happen for this to be possible.

Being this successful this fast has its drawbacks, after all.

Major Server Issues

The developers of the game clearly didn’t expect such massive success. On launch day servers quickly buckled under the pressure, meaning that many were, and still are, sitting in queues rather than actually playing. It’s a big problem and putting a massive dampener on what otherwise could have obliterated the PUBG record.

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Word is that plans are already underway to increase server capacity, but when this will come to pass is still very much unknown. Developer Smilegate RPG had better get things under control fast, given that notoriously fickle gamers may well move onto something else in the meantime.

Another Big Hit For Amazon

Those that are familiar with Lost Ark will know that, in fact, the game has technically been out since 2019. But the initial release was available only in South Korea, Russia, and Japan. Even with limited availability, millions signed up to play in these regions, making it clear just how big the potential was.

It was Amazon that partnered with Smilegate RPG to implement English localization, thus allowing for release across the western world. Either way, it really should have been foreseen that more server capacity would be required.

As far as Amazon is concerned, this is another major success. It wasn’t long ago that the behemoth corporation released New World, another MMO that saw play stats almost hitting a million. It seems that, at long last, Amazon finally has its foot in the video game door.

What comes next from the billionaire corporation will certainly be interesting to see.