Trashed $1M Lottery Ticket Returned To Owner

By Ben Hamill - May 28 2021

Trashed 1M Lottery Ticket Returned To Owner

Finding a million-dollar winning Lottery ticket in the trash and knowing the identity of the person who mistakenly discarded that ticket got to present the finder with a moral dilemma of epic proportions. And yet, for one particular family from Massachusetts, kindness and compassion triumphed above all else.

This is the story of what happened to MA lottery player Lea Rose Fiega when in March, she unwittingly dumped a winning Lottery ticket in the trash at her grocery store. 

Fiega had purchased her winning Lottery ticket for $30 from the Lucky Shop convenience store in Southwick. But since she’d been in a hurry to get back to work from her lunch break, she never noticed that her scratch-off ticket wasn’t really the dud she had assumed it to be.

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The Losing Ticket That Wasn’t

After assuming her ticket to be a losing one, she promptly handed it back to a clerk working at the store, who discarded it in the trash as instructed. And that’s where Fiega’s winning ticket would remain behind the store’s counter for 10 more days before it was discovered by the son of the store’s owners, Abhi Shah.

Upon spotting the ticket, Shah says he noticed that one of the numbers had not been fully revealed from under the silver latex coating. It didn’t take very long for Shah to realise that the discarded ticket was really worth a cool $1 million dollars.

Shah later revealed to a US news publisher that the decision to return the ticket to its rightful owner was a the same time a moral dilemma, as well as an easy decision. The family didn’t sleep for two nights, said Shah. But he eventually realised that what his “inner soul” was telling him to do, which was to return the ticket to Fiega, was indeed the right thing for the winning ticket.

Kindness Always Wins In The End

Since the family knew where Fiega worked, Shah promptly went to see her, telling her that his mother and father would like to see her and have a word with her.

According to the lucky winner, she initially told Shah that she would not be able to leave work on such short notice that day. But since he remained insistent, she eventually went. And that’s when she received the grand news from the family.

Fiega says she felt utter disbelief at what the family had done by returning the ticket to her. She said she felt blessed by the greatness of humanity.

Their kindness has not gone unrewarded, either. Not only did the store receive a cool $10,000 bonus from the Massachusetts Lottery Commission for having sold the winning ticket, but they’ve also received an additional and certainly well-deserved gift of gratitude from Fiega.

Proof again that you can’t put a price-tag on the goodness of humanity.

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