New Quis Quis Loop Insights Deal Confirmed

By Ben Hamill - December 11 2019

There’s a stellar new partnership kid on the block and this time round it’s between Vancouver-based tech company Loop Insights Inc. and tribal gaming community specialist industry expert Quis Quis Holdings LLC. It must by now obviously be clear that the focus will going forward be on the Vancouver tech corporation’s involvement in the US tribal gaming community.

Loop Insights could not have selected a better entity with which to partner this time round, as Quis Quis Holdings owner Blue Quis Quis is an old and experienced hand in all matters relating to tribal native gaming law. The partnership has bestowed upon Quis Quis the right to non-exclusively distribute Loop’s tech-products throughout his own specialised tribal network.

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Intelligent Analysis Of Habits

The experience held by Quis Quis extends even further into the general field of tribal economic development. His forte has earned him the positions of Vice Chairman of the San Pasqual Gaming Commission, President of the La Jolla Gaming Commission and also founder of the Indigenous Trade Association.

What the partnership will aim to achieve is to big-scale install the type of specialised technology that tracks customer purchase behaviours. The information accumulated in this way is then used to enhance marketing and supply chain efficiencies as well as bring about improvements on the operational side of things.

An Experienced Figure

Loop CEO Rob Anson describes Blue Quis Quis as someone with extensive experience in the world of tribal gaming and tribal living in general. Moreover, said Anson, Quis Quis is also a respected figure in the tribal gaming industry and in tribal communities. What this means is that via Blue Quis Quis, Anson and his Loop team will have direct access to all of the leading tribal decision makers.

The CEO said that this access would help shorten Loop’s sales cycle. There will be no more wasting precious time on trying to get into contact with the right people in what is traditionally regarded as a community sector that is closed to outsiders.

The focus will ultimately be on loyalty rewards, said Blue Quin Quin via an official statement, and that by engaging with the Loop platform, his group will have achieved the ability to measure and analyse the value of each individual member as well as make possible intelligent recommendations based on the outcome of the analysis.

This truly is a case of one hand washing the other and a partnership that is very much looked forward to by both parties.

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