LoL Virtual K-Pop Group To Release 1st Album

By Ben Hamill - October 06 2020

LoL Virtual K-Pop Group To Release 1st Album

The long-anticipated debut album by League of Legends universe virtual K-pop group K/DA will eventually be released on November 6, LoL creators Riot Games have said. K/DA released its first single in two years earlier on this year in August.

That particular single in 2018 formed part of the annual League of Legends World Championship and was performed by both in-game characters (fictional) and real-world music stars. What followed had been a massive hit, and the plan is obviously now to bring ’em back in a huge and prominent way.

The EP will reportedly be joined by the release of an ongoing series of comics as well as a Tik-Tok dance competition. And what’s more – to make it all even more exciting – the band has reportedly been joined by an all-new additional member following the involvement of a prominent virtual influencer.

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K/DA At Worlds Looking Likely

Exciting too is that the 2020 edition of Worlds (i.e. the League of Legends World Championships) is – as we speak – underway in Shanghai, China. The finals have been scheduled to be played at the magnificent and newly opened Pudong Football Stadium and are expected to commence on October 31.

Worlds is well-known for and particularly looked forward to for its stunning opening performances and ceremonies – all of which typically revolve around music (music often against the grain). 2018’s K-pop performance at the League of Legends World Championships was followed by an exciting holographic hip-hop concert that impressed those in attendance no end and made for a whole lot of fun and active esports fan-engagement.

Considering all that happened that year (2018) and combined with more recent announcements pertaining to the release of the upcoming new EP, it now seems highly likely that K-pop group K/DA will once again put in a prominent appearance at this year’s Worlds as a means to promote their first official “full” album.

This Year’s Logistics

This year’s event will obviously prove a whole new set of unusual circumstances requiring extra caution and logistics by Riot Games as it brings the event to one of China’s most populous cities.

Not unlike the approach recently adopted by several traditional sports leagues, Riot too, has gone the route of the bio-bubble in an effort to keep players, competition organisers, and other support staff safe and free of risk.

Fans will not be allowed to attend in-audience during the early stages being held at the Shanghai Media Tech Studio. It isn’t yet clear whether fans will at any point during the competition be in a position to enjoy live interactions with players.

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