Konami Test-Runs First Cashless Slot Credit

By Ben Hamill - July 26 2020

Konami Test-Runs First Cashless Slot Credit

The global cashless movement is as strong and forceful as what it’s ever been. A wind now full-on from behind, i.e. the result of a global health crisis, is steering the way money changes hands in an all-new direction. And US-based Konami Gaming, which is a division of Japanese gaming giant Konami Holdings Corporation, is right at the forefront of driving change by having just launched what the company describes as the gaming industry’s first ever field trial of cashless slot credit in Sin City Las Vegas, Nevada.

The company has now rolled out its cashless technology at the popular Ellis Island Casino in Vegas. Powered by the company’s casino management system ‘Synkros’, Ellis Island is for the first time ever in a position to offer to its customers a fully electronic payments system custom-developed toward moving completely away from physical cash being a form of tender.

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Simple And Instant

Best of al, says Ellis Island Casino owner Gary Ellis, is that the system allows players access to approved credit in a matter of only  minutes. The system is simple to use from a customer’s point of view, and exceptionally streamlined from that of a supervisor or member of staff.

The system obviously boasts a number of secondary benefits, of which the most prominent is probably that of it being 100% in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

Although conversations around cashless gaming are nothing new, having been a heated discussion point for many years now due to regulators’ concerns about the impact of electronic credit lines on the industry and its players, a new physically-distanced normal has accelerated the speed at which cashless payment systems are being developed and submitted for regulatory approval.

New Wave Of Awareness

An all-new modernised approach in terms of how regulators are thinking about cashless payments systems on casino floors can be seen in the fact that since Las Vegas casinos reopened their doors on June 5, the Nevada Gaming Commission has approved all of 8 changes to those regulations currently governing cashless casino payments systems.

Also worth mentioning is that suppliers of gaming and payment systems have over the past couple of months stepped up to the plate in several ways. A large number of suppliers have recently launched new cashless products and are awaiting approvals from the relevant regulators.

These suppliers include, among others, major industry role-players and pioneers in technology such as International Game Technology (IGT) and Scientific Games (SG).

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