KFC’s KFConsole Gets Quite The Reaction

By Ben Hamill - June 17 2020

KFC’s KFConsole Gets Quite The Reaction

Fast-food giant KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is regrettably not really planning on giving console masters Sony and Microsoft a run for their new-consoles money. But that’s not to say that the fried-chicken franchise didn’t manage to cause quite the stir among gamers with its recent faux console reveal on social media.

Complete with a power button, disc drives and flashing red lights, the only give-away is the built-in “chicken chamber” – a BBQ grill perfect for when gamers experience the need to quickly cook up some chicken during play.

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KFC Loves Gaming (No, Really)

But KFC’s interest in genuine gaming isn’t altogether non-existent either. Complete with a mascot that looks like a hippy version of old-man Colonel Sanders holding both a console controller as well as a KFC chicken drumstick, the fried chicken fast-food chain does run its own gaming account on Twitter. KFC’s Gaming Twitter account has over 123k followers – not to mention its KFC Gaming Instagram account’s additional 66.6k followers. Combined, that’s quite the KFC Gaming social media presence.

And then of course there’s KFC’s 2019 real game release titled ‘I Love You Colonel Sanders’, which is a dating simulator game launched that year on Steam. Minecraft players haven’t been left out the delicious fried chicken loop either as KFC an often be seen encouraging gamers to create KFC builds in Minecraft and share their builds to their social media and Minecraft community accounts.

But Is It Real - Or Not?

KFC’s most recent advertising stunt obviously had gamers wondering out loud on social media whether or not the fast food giant’s console should be consumed with more than just a pinch of marketing salt. The fast food giant is notorious for its habit of blurring the line separating fantasy from reality. Stunts like the release of a real KFC-branded computer keyboard and drumstick-shaped mouse make it tricky to differentiate between fact and fiction.

But that KFC’s “attempt” at entering the big console race proved a super successful social media awareness rally is a done deal. Gamers’ reactions recently made for entertaining reading, with more than one account suggesting the taking of bets on whether or not the KFConsole is real.

But Xbox’s response probably made for the most entertaining reading of all when its Twitter tweet wanted to know whether the latest console on the block can be “laid sideways”, referring of course to recent memes about PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X console designs.  

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