How iGaming is Maintaining Growth in 2018

By Ben Hamill - August 26 2018

iGaming is growing

It’s clear to see that the online casino industry has grown exponentially over the past few years. iGaming websites have gone through various technological evolution, and the rapidly changing global technology landscape has also assisted the industry in becoming one of the most profitable on earth.

Nowadays, mobile casino apps and virtual reality tournaments dominate the iGaming sphere, far outstripping the traditional desktop casino games that we once loved so much. However, throughout all of these changes, online casino players have remained faithful – which begs the question of which technology is propelling the industry even further forward in 2018?

Using the Internet of Things

Last year brought in a new wave of profit growth for online casinos, with combined revenues reaching $40 billion worldwide. So what is driving this trend? One factor for sure is all of our new technology, including the Internet of Things (IoT), a massive network wherein all electronic devices like PCs, smartphones and tablets share information across multiple networks and communities.

IoT’s main significance is as a necessary platform through which casino operators can connect directly with their players. Although the network has been around for years, it wasn’t until the surge of mobile device use in online gaming that the IoT became essential to iGaming. As it stands, mobile devices are the most popular choice when it comes to playing casino games online, and their popularity has only continued to rise.

The interconnected nature of mobile devices also supplies a virtual information highway through which operators can track players’ experiences with different casino games. This process, called data analytics, has transformed international markets since it first became available, as it allows companies to tailor their advertisements, communications and updates to the direct needs of their consumers in a highly competitive market.

Internet of Things

Customized Offerings Fuel Success

As of this year, such custom-made experiences are exactly what players have come to demand, and operators are scrambling to provide just this in the most seamless way possible. Big-name operators are typically able to implement new technologies first due to their sheer size, especially when it comes to constantly evolving consumer needs. They often conduct extensive research to create an individualized offering, which targets specific audiences with often remarkable results.

By gathering such data, online providers can learn about which games are the most popular in specific regions, as well as different genders and age groups. Specialized marketing campaigns can then be launched for each group, ensuring that they reach as many players and potential customers as possible with tailored bonuses, promotions, game suggestions and more.

By making full use of the IoT, operators can thus create a memorable and personalized experience for their players that fit their exact needs, thus generating brand loyalty. This is the system that has been driving iGaming’s massive growth in 2018, and it will be interesting indeed to see which new technologies continue to power the industry over the coming years.