Huawei Hinting At Making Own Gaming Console

By Ben Hamill - February 14 2021

Huawei Hinting At Making Own Gaming Console

Word on the street is that smartphone giant Huawei might be working on a special new project. The tech giant is currently working on a gaming laptop that will hopefully make it further down the production line that what did its geopolitically trampled Honor Hunter V700. But that’s not the most exciting bit about its plans to enter the gaming hardware space, because the industry giant is rumoured to also be working on a gaming console that will rival Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox.

While there aren’t currently any details available as to what type of platform Huawei’s new system might be released on, if it’s to rival PlayStation and Xbox, it will likely be something slightly more beefed-up than a Switch-style handheld gaming gadget.

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Android V Linux OS

Chances are Huawei would be looking at creating something along the lines of the HiSilicon Kunpeng 920 chip, which is of course based on the ARM instruction set. Known for its high-performance hardware support, such an inclusion would be a logical inclusion to any games-first approach.

Which brings us tot the question of software. Android seems the most likely option, especially after Huawei last year launched its GameCentre, which is a gaming hub built on top of Huawei Media Services for Android. And even though the tech giant earlier this year, after a squabble with Tencent Games, removed all Tencent titles from its store, there are still plenty of Android games remaining to be played on the platform.

Android does seem a more likely option than to go with something like a Linux-driven OS, as in such an event, Huawei would have to build ever game it plans on adding to its catalogue from scratch. Which, if Stadia’s recent withdrawal from creating its own games is anything to go by, is expensive business.

The Future Is Gaming

Significant also is that if Huawei were in fact building a new console, it would not be the tech-maker’s first. Huawei a few years ago brought out their Tron console, an Android Jelly Bean based piece of hardware very few people even remember anymore.

But letting bygones be bygones, Huawei certainly has what it takes to give gaming giants Microsoft and Sony a serious run for their money. And according to info hinted at by HuaweiCentral, the tech giant plans to have their games console ready for release in the next couple of years.

Huawei’s gaming laptop – or perhaps even a series of gaming laptops – has been pegged for release later this year.

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