Hard Rock Wants To Educate Teens About Games

By Ben Hamill - November 06 2019

Casino brand Hard Rock International has teamed up with training and education specialists EduNetwork Partners and together the duo has launched The Game Plan Challenge. What the challenge essentially is a competition-style program and challenge that teaches teenagers how to go about responsibly with the time and mental energy spent on video games.

The initiative not only hopes to teach teens to cultivate healthy relationships with games, but also to inspire their friends to do the same. Statistics indicate that more than 90% of US teenagers regularly engage with video games and with the gaming industry at large. This statistic specifically refers to regular play and interaction.

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Knowledge Is Power

The idea is to help teenagers, their parents and their educators gain a better understanding of the positives associated with video games as well as how to more effectively mitigate the potential negatives when a proper balance isn’t adhered to.

Hard Rock also involved the expertise of the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling, and all 3 parties are of the opinion that social gaming really can be beneficial to a solid state of mental health and creativity. The secret lies in the approach and its true that the various benefits are very often completely overlooked. This is because the general focus is usually on “too much” time and mental energy spent on playing video and social games. With the correct variety of guidance in the picture, however, the parties believe that balance can absolutely be found when it comes to teenagers engaging in digital play.

A Practical Approach

Users are not only helped towards a better understanding of the benefits of gaming but also with regards to how to cultivate safe and balanced gaming habits. The benefits of a healthy and balanced approach to digital video gaming are vast and total many in number. Thanks to the challenge, teenagers and all other relevant parties are invited to “play ball” and learn more about the various angles associated with playing video games.

GamePlanChallenge.com isn’t a mere stab at yet another theoretical info-based service. The challenge involves teenagers having to tap into the creative resources of their minds in order to come up with a “Game Plan” able to balance the challenges of education (school), the pressures of daily life as a teenager, and also the ups and downs of everyday life at home. Submissions may be made in three forms, being a video, a social media campaign or even a print campaign.

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