Global Gaming Expo 2020 Officially Cancelled

By Ben Hamill - July 10 2020

Global Gaming Expo 2020 Officially Cancelled

The 2020 edition of the annual Global Gaming Expo (G2E), staged each year in Las Vegas, has been cancelled. The American Gaming Association (AGA) earlier this week issued a joint statement with partner Reed Exhibitions confirming that the event will not take place in October 2020 but will instead be postponed until October 2021.  Next year’s edition of G2E will take place October 4-7, and at the magnificent Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The main reason for the postponement, said G2E organisers, has been the uncertainty around freedom of global movement and cross-border air travel. Travel restrictions have been a particularly nasty thorn in the shoe of many an entertainment franchise and business relying on travel or even international tourism. And since uncertainty regarding the trajectory of the global health crisis has proved so difficult to predict, that uncertainty has now carried over into many areas of business and trade.

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Travel, Crowds A Problem

But travel restrictions weren’t the only influencer in the situation, said the AGA during a recent statement. Large public gatherings as early as the fall aren’t a done deal either. The annual event each year attracts tens of thousands of people from all over the world, a situation not exactly conducive toward promoting physical distancing.

The decision to cancel was only made after consultations were conducted with local health authorities, national- and state governing bodies, and exhibitors and buyers, said Reed Exhibitions president (Americas), Herve Sedky. According to Sedky, it immediately became glaringly apparent that pushing ahead with physical gatherings the size of a typical G2E annual convention, just wasn’t feasible or practical a consideration to be making given present circumstances.

We’ll Meet Again, Says Miller

Since the annual gaming expo is each year attended by at least 30,000 people on average, putting a stoppage to this year’s edition seemed the responsible, and event the prudent, thing to do, said AGA president and chief executive officer Bill Miller.

Not only was the decision necessary in terms of the convention-goers themselves, but also in considering the meeting of critical deadlines by those who planned on exhibiting their products and technology this year.

Miller also said he felt confident that the industry would in due time recover completely, and that the same resilience the industry has become known for, would prove the resilience to pull it through the current challenge.

This year will be the first time in 20 years the event is called off.

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