Grand Casino Tycoon Heading For Steam In May

By Ben Hamill - April 07 2021

Grand Casino Tycoon Heading For Steam In May

Heading for Steam this May is every budding casino operator’s dream. A tycoon-style strategy simulation game that will allow players to own and operate their very own virtual casino. And while Grand Casino Tycoon by Aerosoft and stillalive studios may not be the first or only casino sim game out there, it will be the most detailed and real world.

Not unlike most other tycoon-style simulation experiences, the aim of the game will be to master the balancing act between turning a profit and maintaining customer satisfaction. This is obviously also the sort of detailed deep-simulation experience that makes tycoon simulation games well worth the money spent.

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Mind Those Customer Needs

Casino operator wannabees will have to carefully manage the layouts of their gaming floors and surrounds so as to ensure maximum layout efficiency. A really nice touch is the level of planning that clearly went into the making of the game in that even the positioning of slot machines for the maximisation of traffic and customer spend matters.

Just like simulation games such as Cities: Skylines (Colossal Order) and RollerCoaster Tycoon (ATARI, RCTO), the secret to success is to look after the needs of customers with the “Needs” monitoring system. Needs systems allow players to constantly keep check on things like the hunger, thirst, and happiness levels customers and guests. And in the case of this particular game, keeping guests sufficiently lubricated is obviously the golden key to getting them to spend more money on food, games, and having a good time.  

The VIP Experience

Kudos to the developers for the detailed focus on the VIP customer experience. Case in point: restaurants strategically placed near and around the casino floor are a huge part of the secret to keeping those VIP big-spenders happy. Eateries can even earn Michelin stars, which is obviously a guaranteed drawcard for keeping high rollers coming back for more premium casino and entertainment action.

Also crucial to the success of the VIP experience is obviously remaining at the very cutting edge of casino technology. A detailed tech tree will keep you in the know about the latest developments in top casino technology, alerting you of new upgrades available for improving your casino floor and surrounding amenities.

Top tech is obviously also the secret to keeping an eye on everything that happens on the gaming floor. Eyes-in-the-sky will help you keep tabs on potential card counters and general cheats. You’ll have the full gamut of security cameras and pit bosses at your disposal for weeding out the bad elements.

Grand Casino Tycoon goes on sale on Steam on May 20.

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