Google To Allow Users To Limit Gambling Ads

By Ben Hamill - December 14 2020

Google To Allow Users To Limit Gambling Ads

Google has announced that it will in future be allowing its users to limit the number of ads seen across certain categories – most notably alcohol, and with gambling an additional option. The new feature will likely be available worldwide for YouTube and Google Ads by early 2021. According to Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai, the roll-out of the feature will commence with YouTube ads in the United States before being extended globally and also across Google Ads.

An online statement issued by Debbie Weinstein, VP YouTube and Video Global Solutions at Google, confirmed that the decision was made in response to feedback received from people who would prefer to see fewer ads across certain industries. Users could previously only hide specific individual ads by means of a mute button. Entire categories of ads could however not previously be limited.

The option will not completely eliminate alcohol or gaming ads, added Weinstein – only limit those ads containing applicable content. Also, the decision to limit such ads will be reversable, Weinstein said.

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Biden “Favoured” Over Trump

Google has long suffered criticism over its approach to ads in general; this despite the company’s claim that transparency and control have always been and have remained priorities high on the search engine giant’s agenda.

 The latest decision by Google is part-response to an attack launched on the company by supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump. Critics claim that companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, allowed “positive postings” about new president elect Joe Biden, while filtering out negative propaganda. The exact opposite approach was applied to content relating to Trump, allege the departing president’s supporters.

Closing The Book On Elections

According to information provided by technology news site Engadget, now that U.S. states have certified 2020 presidential election results, YouTube will be clamping down hard on election misinformation by removing all content alleging election fraud or error.

YouTube will reportedly also be providing via its election fact check panels a link to the official page of the Office of the Federal Register – which page confirms Joe Biden’s 2020 elections win. The company furthermore claims its anti-misinformation efforts throughout the run-up to the elections to have been effective – with more than 8,000 channels and videos making harmful and/or misleading claims pulled since September.

Republican Senators in October accused Facebook, Google, and Twitter of having censored conservatives under the guise of content moderation. President Donald Trump, too, is known for his criticism of internet giants in the habit of fact-checking his claims.

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