Google Hints At Big Reveal At Games Event

By Ben Hamill - January 24 2020


Hot, happening and tremendously exciting is the news that Google may at long last be on the brink of launching its own video games initiative. Google announced earlier on this week that it will be hosting a special keynote event at San Francisco’s Game Developers Conference later on this year in March. Attendees have apparently been prompted to “gather round” which pretty much indicates that the tech giant is about to make a newsworthy announcement.

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Confirmation of the event and address by the tech giant has unleashed a new wave of online speculation about whether or not Google is finally ready to make its first foray into the competitive world of video games development. Many have referred to Google’s Project Stream, launched by the tech giant in October of last year. The project involved the testing of a video games streaming service for PCs and was declared “closed” in December. Many now muse at the possibility that “closed” may have more accurately referred to “complete”.

Hardware Vs. Software

Be that as it may; and many have voiced opinions in this direction too; the possibility does exist that it’s not games or software that Google has its latest sights set on, but that instead, the tech giant may be getting ready to play the hardware development field.

That Google may very well be willing to travel down both these avenues is a third; and knowing Google, very likely; possibility. This theory is backed by the fact that the search engine giant hired former Microsoft and Sony “games director” Phil Harrison during October of 2018. This news was confirmed and widely speculated about by prominent video games news site Kotaku.

The only remaining thing to do now appears to “wait and see” what Google has to say at the upcoming Games Developers Conference. The conference gets underway in San Francisco on March 18 and will run through March 22nd.

Google Follows Big Business

That Google would be interested particularly in video games software coupled with streaming is entirely plausible. Irrespective of whether or not this involves actual hardware development. Google has obviously been looking at new ways of giving games giants like Microsoft and Sony a run for their money and has even gone as far as purchasing leading watch manufacturer Fossil for the sole purpose of creating Fossil-Google-branded smart watches in order to expand its presence in global retail markets.

Video gaming is a multi-billion dollar a year business and certainly fits the bill of where the tech giant’s interests generally lie.

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