Google Launches New Childish Gambino AR App

By Ben Hamill - May 04 2019

Google’s New Childish Gambino AR App Is Released

Google has made an important announcement:  it has forged resources with popular musician and This Is America rapper Childish Gambino, and the result is an Augmented Reality (AR) app called Pharo AR.

It’s not that easy to try to recall when last Google was just Google; everybody’s favourite search engine. And it all happened so suddenly, but also so gradually, that nobody really realised that something had shifted in the universe of the Internet of Things; until it did, that is. To be fair, we did have a hunch when Alphabet Inc.’s Google announced that it would soon be veering off the beaten path in more ways than one with a games platform called Stadia. After all, or to our minds at least, Google was a search engine. In fact, Google wasn’t only a search engine; it was the only search engine worth mentioning.

And now we’re about to report on the details of Google’s partnership with an American rapper and it’s all about AR and nothing about instant information.

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A Journey Of Rap Music

A recent blog post published by Google reveals that Pharo AR allows the user to journey through the life and universe of the popular celebrity rapper; and all to the beat of his most popular tunes, no less. According to Google, the app is already readily available to Android users on the Google Play Store, and will be available for iOS very soon, despite there not yet being any talk of an official release date.

But what’s all the buzz really about? According to Google, the journey stars with entering the world of AR and an Augmented Reality cave. To do this, players have to pass through a special AR portal. This is where interaction with hidden glyphs begins. Once all of the glyphs have been found and discovered, more worlds will become available for your exploration. But what’s the X? The app supports multiplayer engagement.

We should have seen that one coming.

Loving Music, Loving AR

Much of the app and its use has to do with Childish Gambino’s music. By pointing one’s phone directly at neon-shaped objects in the weird world of reality meets fantasy, various music loops are created. Eventually, complete Childish Gambino audio tracks are created.

According to Google’s blog post, the app will appeal to lovers of the artist’s music as well as to fans of AR-tech.

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