Get Ready for the End of the World with Fallout 4

By Ben Hamill - November 10 2015

Fallout 4

If you read the news regularly, it’s easy to believe that we are moving closer and closer to the end of the world. So it makes sense that a game like Fallout 4, which is due to appear in the middle of November, would have such wide appeal. Preparing for the post-apocalypse period makes on a certain level, especially when it comes to gamers. The role playing, open world game is set in the distant future, well after the world (as we know it) has actually ended. You – the main character – have emerged from your shelter, known as the vault. Now it’s time to start the next phase of human existence using everything available, gaining experience and learning skills to go even higher.

The tasks before you revolve largely around rebuilding what was once the city of Boston but is now in a state that could accurately be described as post-apocalyptic. Everything has been destroyed, and only the ruins of the city remain. Humanity has largely disappeared, though some remain in their own vaults and remain wary of life above ground. Among the ruins, you’ll also find Dogmeat, your mechanical companion that is virtually unkillable. He survived the apocalypse and waited patiently for you to emerge from the vault. He may well be your only reliably ally left.

Post-Apocalyptic Threat Abound Above Ground

Just because humanity has largely been destroyed or vanquished to shelters well-hidden below ground does not mean that you have nothing to fear above ground. There all types of creatures, including enormous rats, mutant beasts, and even supernal ghouls lurking in desperate search for food or just out for fun. Many of the most menacing enemies are armed with automatic weapons. In fact, there are hostile elements all around, and since the landscape is so vast, open, and free, a simple stroll through the country could be wrought with danger and adventure.

The open space is one of the best features of the game, particularly for those who love open world games. Fallout 4 follows many of the elements of Fallout 3, its predecessor from a few years back, but it improves on the landscape significantly. Even after a few minutes of exploring, the extremely realistic graphics become so lifelike that it feels like you’re watching a movie starring the main character, who you control. And add the neat trick provided by the game developers that allows you to alternate between a first person and a third person viewpoint, and you’re both watching and controlling the action at the same time. You can actually switch off between the two views at any point, so you can see what it would look like as an action film without losing any of your advantage as the actor doing the actions and having the battles.

Special Help with High Tech Toys

You can learn a lot about the landscape simply by walking through the vast territory provided by the game. But you won’t get enough information on how to face the threats and challenges you face. That’s why game developers added the nifty feature called the Pip-Boy, a wrist watch that serves as a computer capable of assessing situations and providing useful data. It provides a sophisticated breakdown of the various elements you encounter, focusing on the parts that are key to the game. It’s a clever device that adds depth to the experience by letting you get information you would never be able to assemble on your own.

In the final analysis, Fallout 4 offers a particularly effective escapist gaming experience, allowing you to visit a world that is similar to your own but different enough to make everything new and interesting. It takes full advantage of technology to create a vast and sprawling world with such realistic features that it feels like a hands-on movie experience. Why would people want to watch a film set after the end of the world when they could star in them themselves. And that is what the world of video games is really all about.