GCGC Announces Two Strategic Promotions

By Ben Hamill - March 20 2019

GCGC Announces Two Strategic Promotions

The Canadian betting and gaming scene is undergoing a complete metamorphosis, and with the winds of change blowing in every which direction, it’s an exciting time to be involved in the entertainment industry. Ontario is pushing harder than ever before in favor of the legalization of sports betting, and one cannot help but speculate whether the sudden promotion of Terrance Doyle to position as President, Strategic Growth and Chief Compliance Officer of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation (GCGC) is all part of some bigger plan.

Doyle will be focused on Ontario and his main mission will be the development and growth of a functional and effective regulatory framework within the corporation and province. Interesting too is Doyle’s professional profile. According to the GCGC, its new President is an expert the fields of gaming developments, compliance with regulations and efficiency in operations. In other words, Doyle is able to develop new sectors in the industry, formulate new regulations and ensure compliance with existing ones, whilst all the while keeping close tabs and control on operations.

On all counts, Doyle is a perfect fit for any emerging market.

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Russo The Best In Legal Support

The GCGC appears to have thought of just about everything, including a proper support structure for its new President. John Russo, in addition to his existing duties as General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, has been promoted to the position of Corporate Secretary.

Russo has more than a decade’s worth of experience in legal compliance and administration, perfectly complemented by extensive experience and know-how in the fields of legislative and governmental relations. Interesting to note too, is the fact that Russo currently serves as a member of Ontario’s Law Society.

CEO Rod Baker appears to be exceptionally pleased with both promotions, but exceptionally with that of Terrance Doyle.

Ontario Moves One Step Closer Still

Ontario’s Minister of Finance, Vic Fedeli, recently formulated and directed a written petition in favor of the full legalization of sports betting. What is currently happening in the United States has in many ways shown what the way forward should be to the liberated world. Currently, sports betting is for the most part unlawful in Canada, but many of those in the legal sector’s inner circles have made the prediction that major change is inevitable, and furthermore, not very far off.

Betting on sports isn’t only considered to be a right in any free market, but a legal wagering industry will do more for Canadian sports and fan-engagement than any other sector in the country. Whether the GCGC will soon; or even at all; be adding its voice to those of the pro-betting movement remains to be seen, but our money is most definitely on the affirmative.

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