Gaming Gear May Set New Records In 2019

By Ben Hamill - April 16 2019

Gaming Gear Gains Momentum Going Into 2019

Mobile tech may very well be working its magic for the global games market, but desktop computer technology will in all likelihood reclaim the bulk of the gaming kingdom for itself. This is the opinion of Jitesh Ubrani, research manager at the International Data Corporation (IDC). Ubrani’s field of expertise is what is known as a Mobile Device Tracker (MDT). MDTs are used to track the number of devices sold worldwide, and make certain estimations and even forward projections as to which direction the market is moving in.

One of the most significant differences between mobile devices and typical desktop computer systems is space the availability of hardware resources. Mobile devices rely heavily on streaming, whereas desktop systems usually have a bigger capacity in terms of storage space, which in turn lifts the bulk of the burden off of the system’s central processing unit.

Ubrani is convinced that latency and bandwidth restrictions will, at least in the immediate future, create a ceiling that only the strongest and boldest systems will be able to surmount. The fact that games developers are publishing more hard-core, resource-tapping games than ever before, will see to it that reliable desktop systems kitted out with the best hardware and graphic display technology, will once more become everyone’s kit of choice.

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The eSports Influence

The rise of professional video gaming, or eSports, has had much to do with the revolution too. Besides the fact its suddenly perceived to be cool to be staring at a giant-sized monitor, ear-piece intact, once more, there’s no arguing the fact that in the world of games, small and compact really is no good.

And then of course there’s the top-class hardware technology currently being released by vendors. All of this combined is what is expected to drive sales of desktops, notebooks and monitors by as much as 8.2% per year all the way through 2023. During 2019 alone, projections indicate that 42.1 million devices will be shipped to end-consumers worldwide. By the time 2023 rolls around, that figure will have ballooned to 61.1 million units for the year.

Back To Bigger And Stronger

For clarity’s sake, gaming PCs are those desktops or notebooks that have performance-grade GPUs. Gaming monitors, in turn, are those monitors capable of a refresh-rate of 100Hz or higher. Gaming PCs excluded professional grade GPU’s such as those developed by Radeon Pro or Quaddro, and for the purpose of the data collection process, the focus was on mid- to high-end systems like those developed by AMD and NVidia. In other words, systems that are reasonable, affordable and accessible by the everyday gamer.

The general consensus is that by the end of 2019, roughly 15.5 million gaming desktop systems will have been shipped off the world over.

2019 certainly is shaping up to become the year of the gadget, as well as a year headed in a very different direction than what any tech-fundi may have anticipated.

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