Gaming Set To Continue Hitting The Mark

By Ben Hamill - April 30 2021

Gaming Set To Continue Hitting The Mark

Long gone are the days of old-school arcade gaming on the Atari’s of yester year – with those games and consoles now the playground of retro gaming enthusiasts. Gaming has travelled a long and oftentimes even beaten road since then, and today, it is a multi-billion-dollar industry showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Even the gaming playmakers have undergone many changes since those early days, with companies like Microsoft and Sony now at the cutting-edge of modern technology with their new hardware, chipsets, and console designs.

The way we do gaming, too, has undergone a complete revolution – with the new focus now on subscription-based services instead of disk-based or even once off payment type of deals.

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Apple Led The Pay-Way

The move to a cloud-based subscription pay-to-play model now pushed harder than ever for by video games giants is of course not unlike that rolled out by Apple already several years ago. Companies appear intent on moving away completely from pay-once-to-play, and altogether in a new direction of clearly trying to forge long and lucrative relationships with their customers.

This change in direction could easily be misunderstood to be the natural flow of things resulting from stay-at-home orders and a global health crisis. Instead, it’s becoming increasingly more apparent that the revolution is not as much a result of gamers having more free time on their hands than before, than a situation that has arisen despite customers having much less spendable income at their disposal.

Gaming’s story is clearly one of an industry rising steadily above its own challenges – despite those challenges.

Gamers Are Actively Playing

Today, more than 2.7 billion gamers describe themselves as active and ongoing customers. And according to a report that recently appeared in Visual Capitalist, gaming is today the preferred go-to activity for an all new normal of staying home more, and even more people than ever before working remotely.

Working in gaming’s favour is undoubtedly the comparatively lower costs associated with this particular form of entertainment when compared with entertainment forms long regarded as mainstream.

Even with gamers now having to fork out monthly subscription fees for playing their favourite titles from their favourite studios, gaming still sets a whole new mark for the future of online activity. To put matters into clear perspective: the cost of a monthly gaming subscription is still more affordable than the cost of a book, or even of a monthly subscription to any of the world’s leading television and movie streaming services.

The message is clear: gaming is winning the entertainment race and will likely continue to do so for many decades to come. 

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