2021 A Daunting Time For Low-Budget Gamers

By Ben Hamill - January 10 2022

2021 A Daunting Time For Low-Budget Gamers

2021 had been a particularly challenging year for many industries – including the gaming hardware sector. And so challenging an effect did it have on especially budget hardware, that even popular YouTuber the LowSpec Gamer had been forced to give up on it.

The LowSpec Gamer first appeared on the YouTube scene about six years ago. Host Alex hailed from Venezuela, where top-performing gaming hardware was unaffordable when even available at all.

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This led Alex to embark on a project that intended to teach others how to downgrade games with easy tweaks made to configuration settings and mods. He soon attracted a global audience of viewers too broke to afford a proper gaming rig but every bit as eager to play games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Batman: Arkham Origins as their more privileged counterparts.

Gaming The Impossible Push

While Alex says he continued his research all throughout 2021, while spending days and even months on end dissecting big-budget video games in an effort to make them accessible to a bigger audience, he soon realised that what he did manage to crack wasn’t nearly good enough.

A clearly deflated Alex recently posted a video to YouTube detailing just some of his difficulties faced over the past year. Instead of opening the world of gaming to impoverished players reliant on low-budget hardware, he says he was left with the feeling of having laboured a boulder up a hill – with the hill becoming steeper and steeper with every bit of progress made.

Instead of trying to bust the graphics of hardware-intensive games, he now plans on spending his time on making videos about LowSpec Lore, such as the one he did on the classic Game Boy. He says he enjoyed pulling apart both the object as well as its history so much that he now plans on focusing on similar projects.

The More Things Change

The world of gaming is a very different place now compared even to just a few years ago. With component shortages now a regular thing, hardware manufacturers haven’t made things easier on low-budget gamers in any way either.

And while current trends should be the making of times ideal for the release of games not that reliant on expensive graphics cards and the like, developers and manufacturers don’t seem to have caught on.

For many gamers – like Alex – there’s not much of a point to trying to even explore more expensive alternatives when talking hardware. They simply cannot afford to.

One can only hope that 2022 will announce a new day for gaming.