Canada Leads The Way With Global Digital Gaming

By Ben Hamill - February 19 2020

Canada Leads The Way With Global Digital Gaming

Not only is Canada officially now the 10th largest economy in the world after the China-US trade war managed to knock South Korea from 10th position on the list, but significant to mention too is the fact that the gaming industry in 2019 contributed some $20 billion to the country’s economy. Needless to say, the digital gaming industry has proved a main and significant driver in all of that. Digital platforms are contributing massively to the overall statistic what with mobile gaming currently at an all-time high.

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What this means for the Great North is that there are countless opportunities currently on the table in terms of boosting Canada’s GDP even more. In fact, so big is digital gaming at the moment, that this is an industry capable of contributing up to $25 billion to the local economy each year. That’s about as big as what big industries go.

The Right Kind Of Approach

But what then has been the secret behind the country’s digital gaming success? The answer is as surprising as what it is predictable. What Canada basically did was to examine the basic concept of what Las Vegas really is. But that’s not where it all ended, and it certainly wasn’t a matter of merely wanting to replicate existing success.

Not only is Canada home to one of the most casino-friendly economies in the world, but its also ensured that digital progress and reorganisation play a leading collective role in the greater scheme of things. And to this end, it would be unfair not to credit government with much of the country’s success in this regard. The Canadian Government is well-known for being the type of body of governance that incentivises the implementation of technology in business. And what naturally flowed from this approach was for the largest part the gaming industry’s grand entrance into the world of the world wide web.  

Canada The World Leader

Gaming enthusiasts have a great deal of regard for what Canadian governance has managed to do for the industry. And that’s not even mentioning yet the superbly promising and fast emerging world of competitive video gaming, i.e. eSports.

Canada is leading the way in too many industries to mention; among others the eradication of climate change, the development of a multi-billion dollar a year AI industry and the type of medical technology that not only improves life but also extends it in years. The gaming industry falls into this category too – the type of innovation and change that ultimately ends up changing the world.

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