Gearing Up for the G2E 2019 Gaming Expo

By Ben Hamill - August 30 2019

Gearing Up for the G2E 2019 Gaming Expo

Its almost time again for the annual G2E and this year, the world-class gaming trade expo will treat attendees to more entertainment and gaming thrills than ever before. The sheer size of an event of this nature can often mean that attendees are intimidated by everything that appears to be happening all at once. However, thanks to the commendable efforts on the parts of American Gaming Association VP of Industry Relations Allie Barth and G2E Event Director Korbi Carrison, this year’s G2E experience will be much more intimate and personal and will be presented in a more intuitive way than before.

More than 27,000 attendees every year make their way to the special gaming convention and then proceed to enter the 30,000 square feet Las Vegas Sands location an-masse. It’s easy to understand why this may lead to a situation of confusion and general disarray. But thanks to tireless efforts on the part of especially Carrisson, this year is expected to be totally different.

The G2E expo will run from October 14 to October 17th.

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Some Changes Are Coming

The secret to this year’s success is being banked on the fact that a more intimate setting will be at the order of the day. This will be achieved by the inclusion of smaller round-table discussions with industry leaders. The inclusion of the round-table discussions will enable interested parties to get together around a table with some of the industry’s top movers and shakers. This wasn’t possible last year due to the sheer size and actual layout of the event.

The information sessions will this year no longer depend on education sessions alone, although these are regarded as sessions adding immense value to the entire G2E experience. Small-group information sessions tend to better provide for Q&As and one-on-one engagement, which is an element that sadly has been lacking at previous expos.

Navigation Made Easy

That “there’s an app for that” is almost always a sure-fire thing and much of what has been achieved in terms of the progress made when talking seamless interaction at this year’s expo comes down the changes that have been made to the official G2E App.

This year the app will include special GPS functionality that will enable users to activate a special booth-to-booth directional function. This will enable attendees to know exactly what is occurring at any of a number of booths on the massive show room floor.

Creating the most efficient G2E experience to date is only but a tech-invention away.

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