Future Bookies to Embrace New Technologies

By Ben Hamill - February 05 2019

Future Bookies to Embrace New Technologies

With the whole of North America and other jurisdictions across the globe legalizing and regulating online sports betting, operators of these services are being pushed to new lengths to gain the edge over their rivals. Comparable to the very first wave of digital sports wagering, companies in the future are anticipated to embrace innovative technology over the next decade and beyond to hold onto their respective market shares.

The most significant piece of tech expected to revolutionize Canada’s betting market is virtual reality, but this isn’t the only big player on the field. Jurisdiction-free punting and blockchain are also expected to feature heavily.

VR is promising to supply amazing new ways of placing instant bets online, while blockchain and jurisdiction-free gaming will lower the costs that players have to cover and ensure better security and privacy for anyone who chooses to indulge in the activity within regulated regions.

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3D Virtual Reality Experiences

Major professional sports leagues like the National Basketball Association have already begun to embrace VR’s infinite capabilities. One of these is its power to allow viewers to witness basketball’s biggest stars from a 3D perspective, giving them the choice to set up cameras right at the rim to see the greatest of the greats shooting and dunking from the free throw line.

Bookies will also use virtual reality to engineer a new generation of sports wagering options for those who want to use their more in-depth knowledge of their favorite fields. As an example, basketball punters can use headsets and controls to choose areas of the courts and bet on specific players hitting shorts from that section. These “micro-bets”, including wagers on efficiency, speed and player breakdowns, are set to become far more common over the next few years.

Despite punting legislation becoming more forgiving across dozens of markets, bookmakers will still need to deal with governments and regulators to maintain strict control over the industry. Bet limit restrictions and certain wager types might be nixed in the process, but jurisdiction-free wagering will mean less taxation and more privacy for punters around the world.

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Cloud Platforms with Blockchain

In place of land-based servers and offices, the sportsbooks of the future will be able to create their platforms entirely on the cloud, allowing them to bypass land-based restrictions. As such, bookies will be able to operate across international borders by using a satellite uplink to stay in contact will essential gambling databases. Firms that operate without jurisdictional boundaries will enjoy major operational benefits, and can pass on their fiscal savings to their patrons too.

Last but not least, blockchain is set to soar in the sports betting sphere soon. Many bookies already accept cryptocurrency payments, and as blockchain tech continues to spread, these sites will start to accept and process more and more different digital currencies. This technology also has significant advantages in terms of both cost and privacy, making adaptation to Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum well worth bookies’ time!

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