College To Open $6M eSports Arena On Campus

By Ben Hamill - May 03 2019

Full Sail Invests $6M In New Onsite eSports Area

Full Sail University is eager to turn Orlando into a games hub, and the university’s $6 million eSports arena construction investment speaks volumes regarding just how invested and interested the university is in the sector. The Fortress is expected to open sometime during May.

Obviously eager to do a spot of trailblazing and setting of the old standard, the university has said that the plan from the start was to establish the largest eSports arena on a US college campus. According to pre-launch info, the venue will be able to host 500 onlookers and up to 100 actual gamers.

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More Than Just eSports

But, said the university, the aim was also to not only make provision for eSports events and tournaments, but also for activities such as drones racing, and any other live-streaming events. Even so, the arena will first and foremost be home turf to the university’s own eSports team, Armada.

According to one of the university’s directors of project development, Sari Kitelyn, the new arena will be much more than just another venue for popular activities. It will instead, according to Kitelyn, be the perfect platform from which members of the local communities will be able to directly interact with the eSports industry; which is something that has not been all that effortless up until now.

Also, said a college spokesperson, a secondary aim would be to establish a fully-functional ecosystem capable of providing much needed support to new eSports start-ups. Numerous one-man-band developers and also a variety of start-ups exist in close proximity with the college and by providing these visionaries with place to go and work and think and imagine, will by all expectation transform Orlando into the central support system and games community that Full Sail university hopes it will eventually become.

Building A Gaming City

The university has also stated that by opening the new arena, it hopes to attract the interest of some notable pro-leagues as well as some collegiate tournaments. Orlando already hosts Olympic events and national amateur sports competitions. The ultimate goal would be to catapult the city towards a more full-body sports entertainment offering; something that can no longer exist without eSports somewhere in there.

In addition to the competitions set to be hosted by the new arena, much research and eSports testing will also be done. The university-based venue will offer a very hands-on approach to students hoping to become involved in any one of eSports’ many sub-category businesses or support service providers.

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